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Seven winter sports to enjoy the snow without having to go skiing

In winter sports, the most popular is skiing. Many wait anxiously for the arrival of the white station and the first snowfall to put on their warm suit and descend the mountain at breakneck speed. However, one of the main disadvantages of skiing is the high cost of practicing it. Rental and preparation of equipment, purchase of appropriate clothing, travel and accommodation in the mountains, ski pass …

But if we do not want to leave the salary in the attempt. Or just do not go skiing, there are alternatives, such as these winter sports to enjoy the snow without having to go skiing.

Hiking in the mountains winter sports

best winter sports

We do not need to go to a ski resort to enjoy the snow and what sports provide us in the middle of nature. Near the cities we can find places to practice trekking. Walking along paths and trails through the mountains, such as the trails of Puerto de Canonical , in the northern mountains of Madrid.

Simply, remember that it is important that you dress appropriately and that you leave early in the morning : in winter the days are much shorter, and after six in the evening the darkness begins to fall, so that arrival that hour we must be back.

Snow rackets

mountains winter sports

If going down a mountain skiing is fun, moving with snowshoes through the snow. Also has its own, especially if we season it with a snowball battle half way through. The snowshoes are attached to the boots and distribute our weight over a larger surface. So that it is easier to move through the snow or ice.

Rackets are much cheaper than ski equipment. (you can find them in Decathlon for less than 50 euros a pair) And can be a good alternative to spend a day in the snow with the whole family.

Sleds in the snow

If there is something that equally amuses children and adults, that is the snow sled. From the most basic sledges to sit and jump down the mountain to a little more elaborate options. With which we turn our sleigh into a fireball.

To get down at full speed you have to climb first, so prepare your legs for a good walk on the mountain. Before enjoying the descent and the more than safe skidding in the snow.

Fat bikes

the mountains winter sports

Can you imagine riding a bike on snow? It sounds complicated right? Well fat bikes make it a little easier for us. It is about bicycles with thicker wheels and much thicker than usual. They raise a very low pressure and without suspensions. In this way the fat bikes “catch” much better.

Although the ideal terrain for using fat bikes is snow, we can also take advantage of them in the beach sand , which is equally soft and malleable.

Snow bike

Another modality that combines bicycle and snow, but in a different way. In this case we change the wheels of the traditional bike for a couple of skis and … voila! We already have a snow bike to enjoy the snow on “wheels”.

With these bicycles can reach high speeds (the world record is 166 km / hour) and are highly valued by people with knee problems that limit them when it comes to other snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding.

Ice climbing

Only for brave and expert mountaineers, the ice climbing invites us to enjoy unrivaled blue landscapes . To practice it we will need good protections, ropes, ice axes and other equipment: safety is ahead of everything in this sport.

If you are still at an initial level, you can practice climbing to the different free climbing walls that exist in different cities (in Madrid you can find them in the Completeness or in the Bridge of the French ). Practice first “dry” to move easily on the ice.

Cross-country ski

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With this type of ski you will save the ski pass, but you need a kit very similar to alpine skiing . In this case, the skis are raised in the heel area, which is free to get more movement.

Cross-country skiing brings together the best of mountaineering and alpine skiing: we will make a snow-walking route with our skis, generally going up to a peak (you do not need to go on a signposted path: we only need the presence of snow) and then go down as in traditional skiing. A demanding but very grateful exercise that will put us in direct contact with nature.

As you can see, winter is much more than skiing: we encourage you to go out and enjoy the outdoors, practicing whatever sport. This year there is little snow and you have to enjoy it as soon as possible!

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