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Why shop local to help the high street?

The high street has seen a drop in footfall over the last few years, and the situation has been worsened by the unfortunate arrival of Covid-19. As shoppers flock to out of town sites, high streets across the country have become ghost towns. However, there are benefits to shopping locally, which far outweigh heading to the periphery of towns.

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Support the people who are your neighbours

A thriving high street can push up property prices, thus adding value to your home. From the family run bakery, grocery shops and independent gift stores to florists, clothing boutiques and hair salons, shopping locally means you are supporting the people in business who live around you.

Independent businesses want to attract trade back after a difficult few months, and that sector has been particularly keen to demonstrate the excellent safety and hygiene practices that they have implemented. From limiting the number of customers in-store, to providing sanitising hand gels and placing plastic screens at tills, these measures go a long way in reassuring customers that they are in safe hands.

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Local shops will source local products

A local shop will make an extra effort to source its products locally, which ultimately helps to reduce its carbon footprint. When buying from a local store, people are also less likely to drive. This also shows the customer’s commitment to doing their bit to reduce air pollution.

Independent shops will stock handmade gifts that usually cannot be obtained from larger chain stores. This offers the opportunity to purchase a unique gift for a loved one. Bookshops, too, will carry titles by local authors you may not otherwise have access to in a larger store.

Small businesses run by local people

Small businesses are run by local people and shoppers enjoy the friendly chat that comes with a visit. It’s important too as many people who have been working from home will have felt isolated. If you’re still in a work-from-home situation, an operator chair is a functional yet comfortable addition to your home office. Supporting businesses such as means you will find products that you won’t find elsewhere.

Overall, you can be assured of a more personalised and relaxed shopping experience when you shop local. Although chain stores serve a purpose, a friendly face and a smile is what the high street is all about.

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