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Who is ‘The Dog Whisperer’?

Dogs are known as ‘man’s best friend’, and this is especially true with television star Cesar Millan. Cesar has owned and worked with dogs his whole life and has a real understanding of their behaviour, and the way they function. His show, ‘The Dog Whisperer’ allows others with unruly dogs to reach out to him for help; the show focuses on him guiding the untrained dogs and helping them to learn positive behaviour, whilst he educates people on how to be better dog owners. He also brings in his own dogs to help encourage better behaviour for the unruly dogs.

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Cesar Millan was born in Mexico on the 27th August 1969; he grew up caring for different animals on his grandad’s farm. He was a natural with dogs from a young age and was able to train and control them – he was given the nickname ‘el Perrero’, which means ‘the dog herder’. He came to America illegally to find a better life for himself, and shortly after locating to Los Angeles, he met Jada Pinkett Smith and told her of his dream to work on television with animals. She gave him one key piece of advice that changed his life forever – to learn English.

His first job in the United States was at a Dog Groomers. Cesar then worked as a Limousine driver to help pay for English Tutoring lessons – Jada Pinkett Smith was his first customer. Cesar then opened the Dog Psychology Center, a centre that works with large dog breeds to help train them and educate their owners. Cesar Millan used ‘calm assertive energy’ to train dogs, and he made it clear that as an owner, you should take the role of a calm-assertive pack leader.

In 2002, Cesar Milan worked with MPH Entertainment Inc to create a show called ‘The Dog Whisperer’; this television series involved him going to people’s houses to help train their dog. Cesar worked with many extreme behavioural cases that included anti-social dogs and bad training; one case involved him getting bitten by an aggressive labrador retriever that had an unhealthy obsession with food. He regularly solved problems with peoples dogs, but with some rare cases, he had to take them back to his behavioural facility to train them further. Cesar’s main show mascot was his American Pit-Bull, Daddy; a dog that had great training by Cesar, and had a gentle temperament. When ‘Daddy’ died, he then got another American Pit-Bull called junior, in which he wanted to train up like Daddy. The show ended in 2012, but that was certainly not the end of Cesar’s television career; he went on to star in more documentary shows such as ‘Cesar 911’ and ‘Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation’.

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Cesar Millan has two sons, Calvin and Andre Millan from his first marriage. His sons would regularly appear on the show to assist with dog training and rehabilitation. Both of his sons continue to work with Cesar on his journey with rescuing and rehabilitating dogs of all sizes and breeds; Andre Millan even stars alongside Cesar on his show, ‘Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation’. If you are keen to get a dog after watching ‘The Dog Whisperer’, then you will need to buy everything a puppy or dog will need, including a good quality collar; there are many stores and online retailers that sell Designer Dog Collars for your new furry best friend.

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