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When is the Time Right to Move into a Care Home?

Moving into a care home is one of life’s biggest and most difficult decisions. People want to retain their independence, and there are many ways that they can do this even if they have failing health, but sometimes the only option for their safety is for them to move into a care home.

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A care home such as Notaro care home Taunton has staff and facilities that specialise in the illnesses that people can develop later in life, and in a care home the staff are trained to deal with a range of specialist needs.

It may be that you have noticed a gradual decline in a person’s mental state such as forgetfulness, paranoia or seeming to be confused. These are all symptoms of dementia, and even if the person suffering from these symptoms is reluctant, it is important that you seek medical advice from a doctor, who will be able to assess the person and put you in touch with organisations that will be able to help you manage the persons needs, and also their safety.

Many people end up going to a care home after a spell in hospital – it may be that they have had an accident due to their memory loss, and in this situation it can be a little easier to get them moved into a home as you have a clear reason for it.

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This is a personal choice and a hard thing to decided for many people, and it is not one that you should have to make alone – your doctor will be able to help put you in touch with organisations that can help if you are struggling.

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