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How to wear leggings in a casual style in the summer of 2018

Believe us: as editors of the portal about fashion and beauty, we could not think that we would catch up the day when we would not only see but also wear leggings outside the gym. But this day has come, and we do not even want to look back.

At you, as well as at us, probably, there is a pile of losing in a case which lays there and waits for the hour until you will find to them the correct clothes. Well, you can rejoice, because leggings are a hit of 2018.

Comfort, of course, is a priority this season. Regardless of how you like to wear leggings, you probably will find some ideas for yourself in our review.

How to wear leggings in summer 2018wear leggings

This year, many eminent fashion houses have released leggings, which are by no means an attribute of the sports form, rather part of a fashionable outfit for a cocktail or even evening images. For example, Versace and Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and Fenty Puma literally built their spring-summer collections on images with leggings. True, their variants of losing are so extravagant that they can be put on the red carpet only by models, promoting the brand. For example, Gigi Hadid. Read more: Sports Days – Yes or No?

Nevertheless, the standard sports leggings of black color can easily be worn at events as a base for creating a fashionable bow. So did Naomi Campbell and Tatiana Maslani. The main thing is to choose the right “top”. These can be simple t-shirts, crochet-tops and even lengthened blouses in the style of krosh. The rule is only one thing – black leggings should harmoniously fit into the image. It is clear that the sneakers and sneakers, in this case, it can not go. It is better to choose light shoes or standard boats, mules on a heel-a “glass”. Then the image really turns out to be cocktail, and not as if you came to the event from the sports club and forgot to change.

As office clothes, you can use black and gray leggings. They can be complemented with tops and T-shirts, but it is necessary to “marry” them with a light jacket. It is desirable that the jacket is sitting on you freely, so the image will look rather daily, but at the same time “professionally”. Read more: 3 Things You Need To Know About Your Body’s Energy Levels

Black leggingswear leggings

Despite the fact that many find leggings too warm clothes for the summer, this is confusing. Sports leggings are created from a fairly dense fabric, it is. But, in the development of fibers, the fact that you will engage in sports is taken into account. So, the fibers should easily absorb moisture and evaporate it. That is, the tissue must breathe. Therefore, quality sports leggings can easily become a part of your daily bows in the style of sports shirts. After all, they regulate the body temperature, maintaining it at the proper level. Hence, they cannot be hot (we are not talking about insulated versions).

The most basic summer bow with leggings in the sports his style is leggings and a T-shirt. Nothing more stylish and comfortable, none of the reputable designers have yet come up with. Yes, and do not come up with, because there is no need to invent a bicycle. The base is the base. That says it all. With that many t-shirts that you have, and one pair of elk pastel tones (not beige ones, not beige at all!) You can make a huge number of images in the Athleisure style.

Also, the leggings of any shades look great with crop tops or monkey lings. And in order not to freeze in such an outfit in the evening, you can tie a long slide, a bomb or a shirt on your hips – it will turn out even steeper.

Gray leggings and white leggingswear leggings

Sportshik also suggests the presence of hoodies, sweatshirts, and Olympics in the wardrobe, which will be a perfect addition to any legends on colder summer days. Just take a beautiful little handbag, a banana or a backpack, and the image is ready. So simple and stylish.

Combine in one image the three most fashionable things and get a mega style. Instructions: take the top, leggings, and jeans oversize-size, add beautiful sunglasses, and you “in the ladies”. Simple, stylish and incredibly convenient.

Black leggings with jeanswear leggings

Instead of hoodies, you can wear hoodies, it will not be worse. Caps are another detail of the wardrobe that you should have if you like to wear leggings in everyday style.

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