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Why do you want this job? – A common question during a job interview

It’s one of the most common and frequently asked questions during a job interview and is often the easiest to make mistakes. When you ask this question, the breeder is asking you, “Why are you sitting in front of me in this room today?” Very often, candidates are hastily responding, for example, saying, “I want this job because I need a new professional challenge,” or “Because it seems to me a great company to work with.” But these people are often not recalled for a second interview.

The selector will not be impressed by a generic response that he has already heard thousands of times. After all these phrases do not tell you anything more than you already know – they do not explain why you should be suitable for that particular company. Taking on new professionals requires time and resources for a company, and your responses should be formulated to reassure the breeder that you have the right passion for that type of job and that you will be able to really support the business of that organizational reality.

Keeping this in mind, here’s how to better structure your answer to the question: “Why do you want this job?”

job interview
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1. Explain why you are passionate about that company

People who have a real passion for the company they work in show far better performance, achieving important goals over time.

You might have been fascinated by some news read in the web or newspapers about the company in question or maybe you’re always attracted to that brand. In both cases, it is important that you communicate passion and enthusiasm for that business reality when answering this question. Explain how you feel the company’s values aligned with yours, what products or services you particularly love and how impressed you have been positively impressed by their recent financial results, awards or awards.

2. Explain why you are passionate about that job

While listening to your answer, the breeder will be assured that you will not only be perfect for that job but also have the right enthusiasm to do so. So when you answer this question, you demonstrate your passion for the role involved, pointing out what aspects of this professional position you really liked when you read the job ad and explaining why.

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3. Explain why this job opportunity will allow you to grow

It is very important to remember that the selector will most likely want to choose a professional who can bring added value to the business not only in the immediate but also in the medium to long term. Someone led by a healthy ambition and able to work hard for the good of the company. Therefore, when answering this question, it explains how you intend to improve your skills and how this work will allow you to reach new goals. Then, keep on explaining why you think this company will help you grow your professional knowledge.

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4. Reiterate that you are very happy to support the interview

Lastly, let the contestant talk again about your satisfaction in being chosen to support this interview.

An example of the ideal answer …

Below is an example of an effective response given during an interview by a Marketing Executive for a job position within a cyber security company: …

Cyber Security is a very important, ever-growing and evolving industry. It is a market for which I have been very interested for years and during this time I have always followed the news about XXX, identifying it as a real leader. I know that you are producing innovative and cutting-edge solutions and have read a lot of documentation, deepening it with interest. I do not hide that when I saw your job advert I was taken by a great enthusiasm.

As soon as I read the description of the role, one of the things that most impressed me is the focus on using social media, which fits perfectly with my skills. Although the field of social media is my strongest competence, I know that they are constantly evolving and that I have to keep myself constantly updated. But working for XXX, which by its nature must be at the forefront of the market, with a sophisticated social media strategy, I can certainly learn from other experts and thus advance in the knowledge of the industry.

To conclude, I can say that this role and this company feel very close to me, to my interests, to my professional ambitions and that I am very happy to have been selected to support an interview. “

Let me say that before a response like this the selector will still be impressed. As I said at the beginning, in fact, he will hear about generic responses a thousand times. But if you can modular it one by one, you will be able to distinguish yourself from all the other candidates.

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