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complex career

Turn a complex career path into an advantage

When it turns out you’ve had a multi-career career path, switching to a new job or industry can be tricky.

To achieve this, it is better to convince your interviewer that having varied experiences really makes you a better candidate.

complex career
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How to create a compelling narrative about your career

To do this, connect the points of your career to create a compelling narrative.

  • Identify themes

First, identify the issues that run through your professional life. Maybe you have always liked to build things or you like to motivate people.

  • What tasks do you like to do?

Next, ask yourself what kind of assignments you would like to do. Consider what you liked most in school and at work, and think about what unites them.

  • Build your story

Concentrate on what is relevant to you is great in using a language that brings together your various experiences. Explain what you do well, why you do it and how your past is relevant to the new job.

Of course, attending to the professional avatars demands an extraordinary versatility, some companies or recruiters appreciate it as a virtue and, for others, it is rather a defect.

It all depends on the breadth of views of who values ​​it!

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