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training of memory

Training of memory and attention

Training of memory and attention are what a normal person who wants to become a part of our society should do. Without memory and attention, it is impossible to live in this world.

Well, imagine that you do not notice anything that is going on around, do not remember any names, events, or routes, you can not concentrate when someone tells you something.

Therefore, training of memory and attention are what a normal person who wants to become a part of our society should do, especially if nature has deprived him of good memory and attention.

Training of memory and attention is what every person needstraining of memory

I think if I asked you what picture you imagine when you hear the word “training”, the overwhelming majority would begin to describe the gym and sweat on sports equipment and simulators people. Read more: 11 tips that will make you a charming person

It is so, to pump your body, getting rid of fatty deposits, you can and should, but the buttocks and the press – not the only thing that you can train.

Another body, which can be done even better with special exercises, is the brain.

The brain is very cunning: if you do not load it for a long time, it starts to be lazy, but your memory and attention suffer, first of all.

Remember how hard it was for you to return to school after the summer holidays, how hard it was to focus on pairs on the teacher’s words, and the preparation for classes generally turned into hell, because remembering information was incredibly difficult.

But, the more you did, the easier it was for you to remember new information, and the process of preparing for couples took less and less time. Read more: All employers should know this factory safety tips201

The development of memory and attention should be practiced at any age because their quality depends on your success at work and in everyday life.

What determines the effectiveness of memory and attention development?training of memory

Some people are lucky: they are given by nature a good memory and the ability to concentrate their attention on details.

And if a person with good natural data is still not lazy to conduct training of his memory and attention, then he can achieve great success in life.

But some need to work hard to expand the possibilities of their memory and attention.

When preparing this material for you on one of the forums, I read a complaint from one reader about the fact that this is all nonsense: the development of memory and attention is a waste of time, these exercises do not help.

The author of the material (practicing psychotherapist) was not too lazy to respond to the girl and popularly explained that some exercises are not enough, you need to act in a complex and gave the incredulous young lady some more useful advice that I gladly share with you.

To date, one of the best online services for developing and improving memory performance, attention, thinking – is the “Wikium”.

This service is built on fascinating and logical games that will not allow your brain and memory to “wither”!

If you poison your body with one muck, then how can you demand high efficiency from your brain?

The brain needs fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, fatty fish, liver, beef, greens, eggs.

Do not overload your brain.

You know how it is most effective to train muscles in the gym: such a system is “training – a few days of rest – training”.

With memory and attention all the same.

Tired brain is not able to work effectively.

Do not eat all the information.

We live in the world of information attacks, and our brain is arranged so strangely that it seeks to remember all kinds of muck, but easily forgets what is really important.

To fix this, do not overload it with unnecessary information.

More physical activity and walking in the fresh air.

This helps to saturate the brain with oxygen, improve performance and increase brain activity.

And, of course – no cigarettes and alcohol in large quantities.

Training of memory and attention on the jobtraining of memory

Man is as lazy a creature as the brain under his skull.

As soon as he hears the word “training” immediately fades before your eyes. “It’s so difficult,” “I have absolutely no time and energy for this” – this is not the whole list of stupid arguments that people lead, that they do not want to develop their memory and attention.

And yet, even lazy people can train their brains without allocating a separate time for this.

Yes, shopping can be turned into a training of memory and attention, if you do not take with you the list of purchases written on the leaf, and learn it by heart.

Let firstly you forget something to buy, but gradually the ability of your brain to memorize and concentrate your attention will expand.

First, listen carefully to the interlocutor, not to miss anything that he says, and secondly, carefully consider it, trying to remember the color of the eyes, clothing elements, etc.

After the conversation, scroll through the head all the details of the conversation and the appearance of the interlocutor.

So, you can train both visual and auditory memory.

Simple and understandable ways of training attention and memory

How to develop the photographic memory?

And to increase the efficiency of both hemispheres helps to alternately perform ordinary affairs (eat, comb, write, etc.) then left, then the right hand.

5 effective exercises for training memory and attentiontraining of memory

Those who are not lazy to develop their memory and attention, I offer several effective and simple exercises, which at least several times a week can be achieved:

Remember the location of the dashes at the top of the picture, and then close it, add the missing lines at the bottom of the picture.

For a minute, remember the list of words:

  • elephant;
  • hut;
  • river;
  • Mama;
  • snowstorm;
  • seine;
  • tiger;
  • school;
  • sleds;
  • a train.

And now, reproduce this list on paper without peeping at the screen.

Words can be used and others, gradually increasing their number.

Find a record of some poetry readings.

Listening to the stanza of each of the poems, try to reproduce what was heard.

Gradually complicate your task, trying to remember immediately 2 st stanzas.

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