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Three types of footwear to pair with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans have become a staple of male fashion and feature heavily in any trendy closet. Skinny jeans are something easy to slip on and are very versatile – they can be worn on a night out in town or to an upscale dinner.

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These jeans are a tidy look but can easily be ruined by improper footwear selection.
Skinny jeans are form fitting and require a slim, sleek shoe like a Chelsea boot, as these have a smooth and slim silhouette perfect for any pair of mens designer jeans.
The top three picks for great footwear for skinny jeans are listed below.


This is a great pairing for skinny jeans. Loafers are easy to slip on and do not bulk up the ankle. This piece of footwear is ideal as there are a wide range of loafers out there, ranging from casual loafers to very smart loafers which can be paired with skinny jeans to create a look that’s perfect for any occasion.

For a day out, you could complement your skinny jeans with an olive tone or tan loafer and for an evening look you could lean towards a darker loafer to create a streamlined feel to your outfit.

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Derby shoes

The classic derby shoe is an ever-popular choice for any modern man. It is a good option as it is not as formal as the Oxford shoe, but can pass for an upscale event if required. They are smooth and have a clean minimal look which pairs well with skinny jeans. This timeless piece of footwear is an excellent addition to any pair of mens designer jeans and elevates a skinny jean look.


It is important to be incredibly careful with sneakers when it comes to wearing them with mens designer jeans in general, as they can define the statement of your outfit.

Always lean towards a thinner pair of sneakers that won’t bulk up your feet and make your legs look out of place. What you want is a nice smooth and lighter pair of sneakers that will accentuate your calves and give the illusion of great muscle tone.

If you are a sneakerhead, skinny jeans are great for showing off a nice pair of sneakers as the slim fit of the skinny jeans also leaves plenty space for your sneakers to be seen and admired.

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