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3 things you can not control when job search

Imagine that you are interviewing a dream company for an ideal job search. Here you are carefully preparing and confident that you are ready for this steep post. But it’s not so simple.

Interview conducted by a team of five people, you are calm and it seems that everything went well. And in a few days, you will find out that another person was accepted for the position.

In search of a new job, you think that it’s like buying a new computer or choosing a trip. Consider the options, choose the best ones and assume that the chosen one will be yours. But in reality, there are external factors that can influence your possibilities, for example, the mood of a recruiter. And then you are powerless. Keep reading

Therefore, instead of experiencing it is better to spend time and energy on what you can control. So you will get more value from the effort. Just have to admit that not everything is in “your hands” – it will help to perceive failures more easily.

See what you need to keep under control, and what can not affect:

Job search 1. You can not influence the list of vacancies

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It happens that a classy vacancy comes at once and the dream job is without much effort. Sometimes you can spend hours updating the resume on the website and not be finding anything suitable. There’s nothing you can do about it – it’s a matter of chance. Read more: How to join the work after the holidays

But you can make an effort.

Be sure to use the resources to the maximum: you have devoted enough time to searching and personal branding, updated the profile on LinkedIn, correctly compiled the resume, used the social network and the power of networking!

Job search 2. You can not control the labor market.

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The labor market depends on the economy, it has its own trends and it may well be that by the time you graduate from the university, there will be very few or no proposals. Read more: 7 tips to help you succeed in your new job

But you can react to it in time.

If you graduated from journalism, and there are no vacancies for beginners in publishers and television, adapt skills to the needs of the market. Look at the vacancies in the media: copywriting, editorial, advertising – this can also be earned, at least temporarily.

Job search 3. You can not control the experience of other candidates

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Another candidate may be similar to your skills, but five years more work experience. In this case, you can not do anything.

But you can prepare well.

In the process of communicating with the recruiter, the story of your skills and experience may seem implausible, unless it is backed up by examples of projects and works. Therefore, pretend a story about yourself in advance: ask a friend to listen to a description of your skills or try to speak by yourself, and then listen to the recording from the recorder. So you will do exactly what you can.

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