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strange diseases

7 incredibly strange diseases that the best scientists of the world still can not explain …

Despite the fact that mankind regularly reaches some new heights in science, technology, and medicine, we still can not cope with a huge number of diseases. We will not even remember all those terrible diseases that the best doctors in the world cannot cope with. Today the editors of want to talk about strange diseases, the origin of which no one can explain, let alone trying to heal them.  

The only really positive fact that is associated with these diseases is that they are quite rare. I heard about some of them for the first time, working on this material. I think that you will also be interested in learning about them.

Strange diseases Aquatic urticariastrange diseases

By and large – it’s an allergy, only very unusual. In this case, the allergen is water. Because of this intolerance, people feel a huge discomfort in their daily lives. Urticaria can manifest itself even as a reaction to rain or snow. There is a similar disease, regardless of age or sex, although the truth manifests itself more in women. It is not possible to completely defeat this malady, but the symptoms can be reduced with the help of medications. Read more: How Roses can help you Keep Tea Time Posh and Healthy

Allotriophagystrange diseases

People who suffer from this disease experience an irresistible craving for eating inedible things. It can be anything that gets under your arm during an attack. The real cause and methods of treatment have not been found out so far. Read more: So you can improve your diet to add years of life

The syndrome of the jumping Frenchman from the state of Maine.strange diseases

It was first described in 1878. Where and with whom the disease happened first can be understood from the name. Most often this syndrome was manifested in the northern part of Maine by loggers, so they believe that this is a genetic disease. Well, the symptoms of this disease is a strong fright in unexpected situations. A person can start screaming, bouncing on the spot, stumbling, waving arms, rolling on the ground and so on.


All that is known about this disease is that it can be inherited. And the main and, in fact, the only symptom – blue skin. In the last century in the state of Kentucky lived a whole family, suffering from such ailment. They were called Blue Fugates. By the way, in addition to blue skin, they had no other abnormalities and all of them could live up to about 80 years.

Syndrome of the constrained personstrange diseases

If a person becomes ill with this disease, his muscles become more and more constrained over time. In the end, the patient completely paralyzes. Scientists consider mutation of genes and diabetes as the most probable causes of this disease.

Blashko’s lines

Unusual strips appear on the human body. The disease was first discovered in 1901, and there is no reliable explanation until now. It is believed that this is a hereditary disease, which is simply embedded in the DNA of some people.


They say that it was because of this disease that legends about vampires appeared in the world. People suffering from porphyria have a painful reaction to sunlight. In addition, their gums dry up, because of what teeth become like fangs. Another strange symptom is the feces of violet. Scientists were able to find out that this is a hereditary disease that is associated with an incorrect synthesis of red blood cells. Also, many scientists tend to believe that in most cases porphyria is the result of incest.

As you see, people still do not know much about themselves. It remains to be hoped that we will be able to find medicines from all those ailments that are still not fully understood. If this material seemed cognitive to you, then share it with your friends and acquaintances.

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