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Solo travelers: 8 perfect destinations for beginners

Solo travelers- Many times the idea of ​​traveling alone can seem a little intimidating and insecurity appears from the moment of planning to landing in the destination. Does the same thing happen to you? Discover our destination proposals where you forget about fears and insecurities.

According to the Visa 2018 Global Travel Intentions Study, women increasingly

solo travelers. In fact, one in five people who traveled without company in that year were women. Most are backpackers who want to live new experiences and discover other lifestyles.

Today there are exclusive applications for them, such as Tourmaline . Its objective is to connect women who solo travelers to share tips, experiences and even, if possible, stay in a certain place. There is also a wide variety of specialized travel blogs. The most interesting ones can be found in the Utterly Subjective by Woman on the Road list .

Solo travelers can be extremely emancipators, liberating and hierarchical. In fact, they suppose the breath of fresh air that we all need from time to time. This time of introspection serves to know oneself better, to put in order the fundamental aspects of life, to open the mind to new things and to give priority to what is really important.

Undoubtedly, it is an experience that any person must live, at least once in their life. So, what are you waiting for? Travel and feed your passions, expand your horizons, discover yourself and leave your comfort zone. In order to help you if you have never traveled alone, we propose 8 totally safe destinations that you will love.

Solo travelers in the north: Reykjavik

best Solo travelers

According to the 2016 Global Peace Index, Iceland is by far the safest country in the world. In fact, it has received this award six times consecutively, so it is easy to assume that this small island is a very safe destination to explore.

However, make no mistake, the fact that it is a very safe country is not the only reason to visit it. And is that Iceland is one of the favorite places of adventure lovers. In fact, each year 5 times more people arrive in its territory thanks to tourism than those who are part of its population.

Iceland has more than 30 active volcanoes that make up a truly beautiful mountainous landscape. In fact, these are the areas in which you can practice a greater amount of outdoor sports.

You can choose, for example, between diving in the lake Titillating and swimming between two tectonic plates or bathing in bubbling thermal waters propitiated by the jets of the geysers. Or, if you prefer, you can take a dip under the incredible Bullfrogs waterfall, observe whales from the Nervelessness peninsula, go hiking on its many snow-covered peaks that light up surprisingly under the midnight sun (yes, in Iceland there are times throughout the year of perpetual sunshine) or move in search of the famous northern lights. We assure you that, if you are lucky, you will contemplate a picture of the fjords and valleys of the region that will leave you absolutely speechless.

If all this seems to you little, you can always copy those celebrities who upload photos to Instagram relaxing in the hot springs of the Blue Lagoon. Get carried away, join the crowd and relax body and mind in one of the most important geothermal spas in the world.

The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, attracts as many travelers as you, who we are sure will not cost you anything to make friends. In fact, this can help you find it cheaper to rent a car with which to visit the Golden Circle through the famous Hringvegur road. Of course, when you finish, you can go together to take a pint of any of the many live music venues and discos in the city.

In short, this is not only the “Land of Ice and Fire”. And there are many plans for intrepid travelers like you.

Solo travelers to Copenhagen, Denmark

the Solo travelers

The Scandinavian countries, as a rule, tend to occupy the highest echelons of the happiness rankings elaborated by the UN. Denmark ranks first.

And is that their minimal levels of crime and their peculiar lifestyle, which is known by the word Hygge, a mixture of comfort and hospitality, have boosted the country to first place. Because of all of this, after you set foot there, it is more than likely that you will begin to feel at home.

The streets of Copenhagen are full of bike lanes that pass through the most emblematic places. For example, you can start touring the slope of the Havana canal and then enjoy the multi-colored houses of the port that look like they’re taken from a postcard. Then head for Repairmen and have a drink at any of the typical Danish stalls you will find there.

Another essential experience is to visit the Geffen fountain during the night. And, at that moment, there is a light and sound show that narrates Nordic mythological stories about how Denmark was created. Its culture, its nightlife, its wide variety of shopping centers and its beautiful architecture make Denmark a great place for you if you want to solo travelers in Europe.

If you already have the flight, but do not know where to book the hotel, try the KAYAK maps. Follow these simple steps: 1. Visit KAYAK  2. Enter your destination and dates. 3. Switch to the map view and use the filters to find the best areas for tourism, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Do not ever make a mistake again!

Solo travelers with style: Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden , although behind Denmark, is also among the 10 happiest countries in the world. It is also the safest and, unfortunately, the most expensive. This is the birthplace of luxury brands such as Acne Studios and prestigious firms such as H & M. The streets of Stockholm are full of shops of this type, so it is a perfect destination if you like fashion.Stockholm has plenty of perfectly preserved cobbled streets, especially in the old town. It also receives the name of Gamla Stan and is a paradise for any photographer. The city is full of candy-colored Baroque buildings and also has a Royal Palace. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting places in the capital of Sweden and, by the way, more crowded with tourists.

The best option for travelers in Norway: Bergen

better Solo travelers

Norway also honors the happiness and security status of the Nordic countries and, therefore, could not miss this ranking either.

In the capital of the country, Oslo, you can find plenty of green spaces, museums and art galleries; for example, the Viking Ship Museum, which houses an excellent collection of boats from the ninth century, or the Vigeland Sculpture Park. However, the second largest city is Bergen, which is also ideal for a solo holiday.

Bergen is situated in the middle of one of the most picturesque Scandinavian landscapes that exist. In fact, it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Take advantage, once you are there and, as soon as you have the chance, get close to the Bragger wharf, declared a World Heritage. It is one of the best reflections of the progress of the country.

On the other hand, Bergen wooden houses are probably their great icon. Many of them contain authentic works of art made by potters, jewelers, artisans of the field and many other professionals of great skill and creativity. Without a doubt, this is the ideal place for you to find a gift to take home.

Heading to the southern hemisphere: Melbourne, Australia

Australia is the Holy Grail of young backpackers. In fact, it is surprising the large number of travelers of this type that receives each year.

According to the study entitled “Most liveable cities” carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne is the best city to live in all over the world. This is due, fundamentally, to its abundance of green areas, museums, theaters, art galleries, venues dedicated to live music and sensational restaurants. You can also walk without difficulty from one place to another.

However, if you do not feel like spending the day walking, Melbourne puts at your disposal a free tram service called City Circle that will take you directly to Hosier Lane, a place where you will find a whole legion of young backpackers perfecting the noble art from the ‘artistic selfi’, and Bruswick Street, a street full of restaurants, cafes, vintage shops and bars.

The backpacking culture that is lived here reflects how familiar the city is with solo travelers, which for you will mean a wonderful opportunity to make travel friends. Also, once there, you will have the opportunity to know Philip Island, the treasures of Straya, The Great Ocean Road or the Grampians National Park.

But, if you’re really looking for some adventure, why not rent an SUV and take a road trip to Cairns by stopping at such iconic places as Sydney, Blue Mountains, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbor, Brisbane, Noosa, Whitsundays, Fraser Island, Daintree National Park or the Great Wall of Coral?

Did you know that you can save time and money if you book the flight and the hotel at the same time? Use KAYAK Travel and find in a single search flight + hotel offers; In addition, with the filters you can find the option that suits your interests and budget.

A place unlike any other: Queens town, New Zealand

Beyond Hobbit on, New Zealand is a spectacular country located in the Pacific Ocean that has an enormous natural beauty.

As with Australia, this country is very popular with backpackers and lives on tourism mainly. The great news for you is that, unlike what happens with the neighboring country, it is not home to an infinity of deadly animal species lurking in every corner waiting to attack you (it’s a joke!). The inhabitants of the city are very hospitable and open with visitors.

If you are looking for excitement and adventure, Queenstown is ideal for you. It is located on the shore of Lake Wakatipu on South Island and is an ideal paradise for lovers of risky sports. In fact, you can practice activities as different from each other as, for example, snowboarding on the slopes of Coronet Peak or bungee jumping  in Kawarau Gorge. Also, you will also have the opportunity to ride a boat and reach Bob’s Peak or ride a pony and explore its forests and mountains. The region also has excellent wines, around which wine tourism routes are designed. Do not miss the chance to visit Lake Wanaka.

Fun and safety: Hong Kong, China

a Solo travelers

Hong Kong is a metropolis of almost 7 million people from all over the world, which has earned it the reputation of one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet. In its streets there is so much hustle and bustle that, although traveling without company, it will cost you to feel alone at any time.

You can start bargaining for some souvenirs in the Night Market and then go for some free Tai Chi classes to revitalize body and mind. To these sessions usually go countless avid backpackers to meet new people.

In this place there is a strong mix between the oriental tradition and western modernity, which has created a paradise for the traveler. You can also visit the spiritual monastery of Po Lin on the island of Lantau and then go to the Tian Tian Buddha to try any of its vegetarian delicacies. Also, do not forget to take a crab dish at the Jumbo King floating restaurant and take a boat ride to the island of Tai O to surprise yourself with the peculiar houses of the native people.

As soon as you have filled your stomach, you have to contemplate the peculiar pink dolphins unique to the region and, unfortunately, are in serious danger of extinction. You can also take a walk along Tsim She Tzu’s Avenue of Stars and get a picture with the sculpture of martial arts legend Bruce Lee. If you have time, take a day trip to the old Portuguese colony of Macao. You can also visit the Chinese city of Guangzhou, Canton, to get to know firsthand the giant pandas that live in the Shenzhen Safari Park or learn everything related to the terracotta warriors of the Qin Dynasty and their horses.

Multiculturalism in Montreal, Canada

discover Solo travelers

Canadians have a reputation for being very friendly and hospitable. Undoubtedly, this is clear in Montreal . Although Ottawa is the capital, Montreal is the authentic cultural center of the country and the place where an infinity of cultures mix to create a really interesting mosaic. Its architecture, its language and its cuisine are good examples of this.

To all this we must add that Montreal has really low crime rates (violent crimes are practically non-existent in tourist areas) which, without a doubt, will also be an interesting demand for you when it comes to traveling alone for your reasons. streets.

Montreal also has 250 theaters and as many dance companies. In addition, it celebrates almost 100 festivals throughout the year, including the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Winter Carnival. On the other hand, the photogenic facades of the Old Port, the Lachine Canal and the Plateau Mont-Royal cafes reflect that culture flows through the arteries of the city.

We must also highlight its beautiful botanical gardens and its large number of bars and nightclubs. As if that were not enough, its gastronomy is an authentic delight. We strongly recommend that you do not leave the city without savoring its delicious Kamouraska lamb and the world famous Pouting. Trust us, when it comes to cooking, Quebec has nothing to do with Montreal.




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