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small bedroom

How to equip a small bedroom: 6 tips and 30 best ideas

At first glance, the bedroom in Khrushchev seems hopeless. We will try to break stereotypes and help to equip a cozy small bedroom on nine square meters.

The bedrooms in the Khrushchev’s are narrow and long. And this is not the only problem. Only nine square meters, a window and a door opposite, which is far from always centered. It seems that in this “tunnel” it is simply impossible to equip a comfortable and cozy bedroom. Is it really? We offer you six tips and thirty ideas for their implementation.

Small bedroom:  Everything in its placesmall bedroom

In conditions of deficiency of the area, it is necessary to use each millimeter with sense and arrangement. A step to the right or to the left should not be the cause of a collision with the floor lamp or the corner of the bed. In order to maximize the need to clearly zonate the room. Read more: How to disable extra data with any operator

Head in the cloudssmall bedroom

Let the furniture “float” above the floor. This effect can be achieved using a bed, a wardrobe, and an armchair (if you somehow miraculously place it) on the legs. High legs allow you to leave a little air, even if the bed occupies half a room.

Such a deceptive maneuver visually reduces the dimensions of the furniture and creates a feeling of lightness. In addition, cleaning is much more convenient. But small rooms do not tolerate confusion.

Wind blowsmall bedroom

The ease concerns the design of the window opening. Air tulle, blinds or roller blinds, complemented by curtains made of fine cotton. Heavy drapes will be absolutely superfluous in a small bedroom. The length is better left in the floor so that the window seemed taller. Read more: Facts About The Australian Grand Prix

Do not put flowers or books on the windowsill. Let the room have more natural light.

 At the height ofsmall bedroom

The podium can visually change the geometry of a small narrow room. And besides, it is a great opportunity to combine the area of the bed with the storage area, thus freeing up valuable meters.

Of course, to build a high podium will not allow low ceilings. However, you can easily organize a small elevation with boxes for storing things, bed linen, and maybe an extra pull-out bed.

 Colored dreams

The bedroom is the embodiment of peace and quiet, rest and harmony. The color of the walls is a reflection of these expectations in combination with your taste and preferences. Classical recommendations – light pastel shades of blue, green and yellow, depending on which side the windows go to.

However, you do not need to immediately dismiss the possibility of using darker and more saturated colors. Yes, indeed, light colors visually make the room more voluminous. However, dark colors visually distract objects, so the walls, painted in a darker color, will move away. Such techniques can be successfully applied to make the room more square.

Light in the windowsmall bedroom

In a small bedroom, it is better to give up floor lamps and give preference to wall lights. The top light should not be the main one, because it creates sharp shadows, which in the bedroom is completely out of place.

Sconce, reading lights around the bed, which can be attached to the shelves or head of the bed. Spotlights for photographs or bookshelves will also look good and fit into the overall, intimate mood of the bedroom.


As Coco Chanel used to say, “nothing is as old as a woman, as a too-rich suit.” Do not clutter the already cramped room with an abundance of decor. There is no place for vases, collections, flowers, lush textiles and draperies.

Simple, restrained elegance is the key to success. And it does not matter which style you choose – classic, country, modern or Scandinavian interior. Any of the directions should be presented in a low-key, minimalistic manner.

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