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Shopping in New York

Shopping in New York: Where to buy in New York?

Shopping in New YorkEvery trip to New York should include visits and forced excursions, such as seeing the Statue of Liberty, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, walking through Central Park … among many others. If you are interested in knowing more about what to visit in New York, here you will find all the information. But without a doubt, one of the most important and most sought after by tourists is shopping in New York.

The famous city of opportunities puts at your disposal a lot of shops of all kinds, from the cheapest ones where you will find true bargains, to the most luxurious shops where you will discover the great glamour of New York.

In this article you will discover the best and most important stores in this great city, to make the most of your purchases in New York.

Shopping in New York Outlet

Shopping in New York

If what you are looking for is to renovate your wardrobe at an unabashedly low price, this is your place.

  • In the big city there are several outlets that will make your shopping in New York something much more affordable and cheap.
  • The most famous of all is the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, with great discounts but all the outlets can be the most expensive. In this large shopping center you will find designer clothes such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci and much more.

In Westbury you will find other outlets with lower prices than the previous ones, which also have luxury clothes at a great price.


The famous Chinatown of the big city, where you’re shopping in New York will be totally different and fun. Here you will find the best fakes of great branded products at a laugh price. To find such items you just have to walk through its central streets and see its small shops. There is another way and that is that while you are walking down the street, people will often whisper names of important brands, and if you follow them or talk to them, they will take you to a basement or house where they will show you a lot of items such as watches, handbags, clothes … all counterfeit

Also take advantage of this neighborhood to eat and enjoy this oriental touch in one of its more than 200 restaurants and food stalls that you will find there.


If you are tired of walking and walking and do not find the store you are looking for, change the environment and visit one of the shopping centers in New York. In the following list, you will see the most important and prominent:

  • Queens Center Mall. Great shopping center with possibly the best prices in Manhattan as far as that goes.
  • Grand Central Terminal. This other one is more known for its restaurants and gastronomic areas, since the quality / price ratio of its food is a great attraction for tourists.
  • Newport Center. The biggest shopping center of all. It is located in New Jersey, and has restaurants, movie theaters and many trendy clothing stores.

Time Warner Center. It is located near the Columbus Circle. It is a shopping center full of brand stores such as Swarovski, Hugo Boss .. etc.

The fifth Avenue

We reach the street of luxury and glamour of America that runs from north to south all Manhattan, where you’re shopping in New York will become more expensive and more quality. It is essential in your trip to New York to walk along this great avenue, full of luxury shops and boutiques. You will find on Fifth Avenue some such as Victoria’s Secret, Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany & Co and many more.

It is possible to finish something saturated with so many purchases, so much city, people and hustle .. That is why we recommend you to link a trip to New York with another more tropical and tranquil destination, where to end your vacations relaxing in some beach. Visit our New York City Hotels and find a complete trip to suit you, combining truly dream destinations.

New York and its “outlets”: the paradise of cheap shopping

New York, New York (sigh). Paradise of so many things: the jumbo hot dogs, the young and modern people, the endless skyscrapers and, of course, the frenzy of shopping. In New York, temptation not only lives above, it is everywhere! Today we go shopping through the Capital of the World and we want to tell you where to buy cheap clothes in the Big Apple.

We recommend that you take the subway and go for a stroll through the attractive chaos of Downtown Manhattan, a term used to describe the southern part of the island, where the avenues stop at once. They are numbers, they lose their order, they go on to have names and they gain charm. Get lost in its corners and you’ll find shops full of attractive discounts, like the Century21 outlet.

In New York, the outlet concept is king. Of course, most of these stores are on the outskirts but if your trip allows you, you’ll enter the Olympus of cheap clothes. The favorite of many is Woodbury Common Premium Outlet.  Although there are many options to buy with discounts and save in the attempt.

New York and shopping always go hand in hand New York

We started by the place where we will find the biggest concentration of brand stores in New York: Fifth Avenue. Between 50th and 60th streets we discover many luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna or the well-known Tiffany’s, a mandatory stop for all lovers of the movie Breakfast with Diamonds, where you can not miss the picture in its iconic showcase.

Also, if you’re an Apple fan, in this area you’ll also find the Apple Store Grand Central, mecca for all those who want to discover in their interior the latest releases of this brand; and we say discover because the store is located underground, from the outside we will only be curious to know what we will find below. But not everything is fashion and technology, since Fifth Avenue is full of surprises, such as the incredible Lego store or the great Nintendo store.

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