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Prom dress- Preparation for the graduation ball often results in fierce disputes between children and parents. It is extremely important for a young lady, even at such a young age, to have a formed taste and master elementary stylistic devices.
However, it is never superfluous to get acquainted with fashion trends and secrets before purchasing a prom dress, how to make an image not only stylish but also harmonious. What are they, fashionable and beautiful dresses for graduation 2018?

The color and texture of the 2018 fashion prom dress for graduatesprom dress

Having seen a lot of fresh reports from the latest fashion shows, we boldly declare: the evening dress at the graduation should adorn the girl, emphasize her youth, grace, and grooming.

Stylists in 2018 recommend abandoning the highly shiny fabrics, very lush skirts, an abundance of ruches and other flashy decor elements. This does not mean at all that the outfit should be simple and modest (which, however, is not ruled out with well-chosen jewelry).

On the world podiums, young beauties were dressed in dresses of various shades. However, the most successful for this occasion were recognized:

  • The color of red wine
  • Turquoise
  • The black
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • White
  • Bordeaux
  • The whole pastel range

To choose is from what, displays abound in styles, furnish, interesting details. However, a common feature was restraint and refinement, the lack of too frank décolletage and cuts, emphasis more on the back, straight or A-shaped silhouette, the Greek dress style, transparent inserts, and layering. Read more: How to keep the bathroom clean: 6 simple rules

Fabric designers recommend choosing according to the style and other elements of your image. In favor, light flying fabrics, flowing textures and lace. As for the print, the image created on the basis of a monophonic dress or with a contrasting finish can be very elegant. Although there are no clear rules and boundaries, as always, there simply does not exist in this matter.

The flower print has receded into the background, but the graphical elements are very much welcomed.

Hairstyles at the prom dressprom dress

The novelty of the last seasons is evening dresses on the graduated length of midi. However, this style is not suitable for all girls, especially at such a young age. An alternative to this trend can be a mini dress or an asymmetrical hem. And:

Dress-shirt length in the floor. Very unusual option at the prom looks great on young girls. Gives the image of courage, without depriving him of tenderness. Such dress for the prom can be supplemented with shoes on a solid sole, slightly daring clutch-folder with zippers and careless curls. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

Very spectacular at such a celebration will look like an airy multi-layered skirt and top leaving a stripped small strip of skin or abdomen. At the same time, you need to be careful with decorations, they should not be too catchy, because the main highlight of the image lies in the dress itself.

How to choose the perfect dress at the promprom dress

The best and easiest way to choose a dress, based on the type of figure. As you already know, there are 5 basic types of figures: pear, apple, rectangle, triangle and inverted triangle.

If you have a pear shape, do not choose an overly tight dress-year – it visually emphasizes the hips. Also, shiny fabrics are able to add volume. In this case, we do the opposite, emphasizing the attention in the upper part: we select the chest or high level of the waist.

Bared shoulders balance thighs very well, and if you add an ornament to your neck, you can forget about this feature of the figure.

And even the type of the figure “apple” can be transformed into an “hourglass” with such a simple technique as a basque and/or a wide belt that forms the main accent of the silhouette. At the same time, transparent elements are welcomed, which make silhouette easy.

Clever evening prom dress at graduation 2018prom dress

Smart-dresses solve a lot of problems concerning the features of the figure. It can visually enlarge the chest, hide the belly and excess hips, make you visually higher. And all this makes the dress without any outside participation. The main thing is to choose the right one. A “smart” dress is a dress that has inserts of different colors, alternating materials that can hide problem areas.

The chest is enlarged by a wide horizontal strip or a vertical wavy line.

To adjust the stomach, pick up dresses with vertical stripes that converge at the waist and diverge to the bottom, forming an X-shaped silhouette. The smart effect is due to the contrasting insert.

Light color should be selected the desired size, and everything else is darkened. Therefore, contrasting dark inserts are welcomed on the hips.

Advice on choosing a smart dress: do not buy the first one, you need to find an option that lines perfectly fit into your silhouette.

The main mistakes of the image at the promprom dress

Stylists have a saying: “Only a graduate can be more terrible than a bride.” it’s not we who invented, but who says that this is not true (in some cases), let the first throw a stone in us. It’s about those cases when, in pursuit of the most effective way, girls forget about the laws of fashion, the rules of kindness, moderation.

Therefore, consider some of the mistakes that we have seen and analyzed:

Girls, remember, please, that the graduation dress is a dress that does not provoke, does not show off and does not age.

If you want to be in a trend, forget about micro-dresses, an abundance of sparkles and rhinestones, transparent corsets (corset dresses, by the way, are no longer in fashion) and to frank décolleté. Fashionable and beautiful today is to have your own style, the manifestations of which are relevant here and now.

Make-up and manicure for your final image should be as natural as possible, but it must be of high quality and correctly applied. However, here in a greater degree, the appearance and color scale depends on the style of the attire.

No sparkles in the hair.

Buckles on the head and “wooden” bangs are taboo over the last years. And this applies not only to graduates.

Shoes should be feminine and comfortable. Beautiful sandals on solid are welcome. In the trend this season and the gladiators, which will perfectly fit into the Greek style.

Adhere to clothing, accessories and other details of the style image, in which you will be comfortable physically and morally. Do not create an image of a fatal woman, if in the shower you are a sports girl. Although no one has objected to the successful experiments.

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