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Preventing colds

Preventing colds and flu: how to protect against diseases?

Preventing colds– Every year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are ill with colds and flu. Recognize and cure these ailments for modern medicine is not difficult, but doctors are still urging them to protect themselves from flu and cold all means, because any disease does not pass for the body without a trace. How can you protect yourself from infection?

Preventing colds: 6 rules for those who do not want to be illPreventing colds

Prevention of colds and viral infections must necessarily be complex – this is the first thing you need to remember for those who want to protect themselves from respiratory diseases. There is no “magic” pill that would be able to 100% protect a person from ARI and influenza. But there are a number of simple and useful preventive measures, compliance with which will significantly reduce the risk of developing colds and flu:

Avoid crowded places. This rule applies primarily to those periods when there is an increase in the incidence of respiratory infections. During epidemics, the concentration of pathogenic microorganisms in enclosed spaces is very high, and the chance of contracting is significantly increased. Read more: Nine accessories to get a spectacular Christmas table: Christmas edition, by Zara Home

Dressing for the weather. At first glance, this measure does not help to protect yourself from the flu and colds. But in fact, there is some sense in this: after hypothermia, the immunity decreases, and the body can no longer fully resist the microbes that cause the disease.

To wash hands. It turns out that this simple part of personal hygiene is also an excellent preventive against microorganisms that cause colds. Careful washing of hands with soap destroys most bacteria and viruses that live on the skin.

To consume vitamins. Deficiency of nutrients is another reason for lowering immune defenses. In everyday life, you can get the necessary portion of vitamins and trace elements, if you adhere to proper nutrition, there are many different fruits, berries, vegetables, cereals. For the prevention of best-suited vitamins B, A, E, D, ascorbic acid.

To lead a healthy lifestyle. Strong health is the best prevention of colds and flu. It is proved that people who regularly engage in sports, who do not have addictions and refuse harmful food, are much less likely to suffer from colds than those who neglect a healthy lifestyle. Read more: How Roses can help you Keep Tea Time Posh and Healthy

Use respiratory masks. This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to protect against cold if you have a sick person standing next to you – for example, a colleague or a close relative. The effectiveness of this remedy will increase if the source of the infection also wears a mask, changing it to a new one every 2 hours.

Remember that all these rules work only in a complex, and the more carefully you observe them, the higher the probability that the season of colds will bypass you.

Strong immunity – reliable protection against coldsPreventing colds

Perhaps there is nothing more important for preventing colds and flu than strengthening one’s own immunity because it is because of the low level of natural defense of the organism that viruses and bacteria can multiply, causing respiratory diseases.

Healthy eating, exercise, taking natural vitamins and refusing alcohol and smoking are the basic steps to improve the immune system, which must be observed not only during the epidemic of acute respiratory infections and influenza but throughout the year. This will allow maintaining a high level of protection even at the time when the largest outbreaks of respiratory infections are registered.

To strengthen immunity, it is not forbidden to take traditional medicine, prepared from natural plant components. Known natural immunomodulators are Kalanchoe, Aloe, Echinacea, Ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Dogrose and, of course, honey. Folk recipes are good because many of them can be used not only to prevent colds in adults but also to increase the overall immunity in children. For example, chamomile and dog rose are allowed to be given even to babies for up to a year, which is especially prone to the risk of infection with viruses.

Like many years ago, the best way to increase immunity today is tempering. To harden an organism means to prepare it for changing external conditions, including temperature ones. Such preparation allows our body to react with a firm rebuff to the attack of viruses and bacteria, even if it falls into an unfavorable environment – for example, a cold winter or slushy autumn.

Hardening is not only pouring cold water and walking barefoot on the snow. If such radical methods of healing do not suit you, try to start with softer hardening procedures – for example, summer sun and air baths, which are not only useful in moderation but also very pleasant. A good and, moreover, a very affordable way to strengthen immunity is walking barefoot on the grass, which can be combined with light physical exercises in the fresh air. In winter, skiing and visiting the swimming pool will be an excellent way of tempering. This can be tempered in this way for both children and adults, and almost without restrictions.

It can be stated with certainty that strong immunity is the best preventative against flu and cold. Care to maintain a high level of natural body protection should be constantly so that during the season of catarrhal diseases be “fully armed”.

Folk methods of prevention of acute respiratory disease and influenzaPreventing colds

Even in the age of modern technology and a highly developed pharmaceutical industry, many in the old fashion prefer to use folk remedies for the prevention of flu and colds. This is largely justified: natural anti-cold medications often help to protect against colds no worse than medicines, but at the same time favorably differ from the latter in a natural safe composition, availability and mild impact on the body.

One of the most effective preventive measures in the season of acute respiratory infections and influenza is the washing of the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose – this is confirmed even by doctors. Washing allows to clean the nasopharynx from accumulated on it pathogenic microorganisms and thereby reduces the risk of developing respiratory diseases.

On the shelves of pharmacies, you can find dozens of funds for such hygiene procedures, but the solution for washing is easy to do at home. For this, only 2 components are needed: pure boiled water and table salt (0.5 liters of liquid, 1 tsp of salt). In the finished composition, you can add 1-2 drops of iodine, this will help to further disinfect the mucous membrane. In addition, it is allowed to use carefully filtered strains of herbs that have antibacterial action – chamomile or sage. Solutions are injected into the nasal passages with a small rubber pear or rinse their throat. Be careful: this way of preventing colds is not suitable for young children because of the nature of the structure of the respiratory system.

Another effective remedy for traditional medicine against colds is onions and garlic. These plants contain special substances that act as a natural antibiotic and are excellent at protecting the body against bacteria, including those that cause ARI. It is possible not only to consume useful vegetables inside but also to lay out cut into pieces in the room: phytoncides will spread in the air, disinfecting it. It is important to remember that people with GI diseases such as prevention of colds are not suitable, as the juice of onion and garlic can greatly irritate the mucous membrane of the digestive organs.

With the onset of cold weather, it is recommended to take useful vitamin drinks that will not only saturate the body with nutrients but also help prevent the development of colds and flu due to their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can, for example, drink instead of regular herbal tea, cooked on a lime flower or a collection of medicinal plants – chamomile, St. John’s wort, lemon balm. Good help in the prevention of colds will be berry fruit from raspberries, currants, sea buckthorn and cranberries. Instead of sugar, they better add honey – then the drinks will bring even more benefits. You can drink 1-3 glasses of vitamin liquid daily.

Before using any folk remedy to prevent acute respiratory infections and flu, you should make sure that you or your child does not have contraindications to it.

Will drugs help?Preventing colds

It so happened that a modern man, not wishing to sacrifice his strength and time, wants to drink a quick-acting pill and forget about his health problem. The same applies to the prevention of colds: many prefer to take as a preventive medicine one or another drug that has immunomodulatory and antiviral properties, believing that this is the best way to protect yourself from colds and flu. In the pharmacy, you can choose and buy any medicine of this type without a doctor’s prescription, which is what most of those who choose this method of preventing respiratory diseases use.

Disputes about how effective and safe are the medicinal immunomodulators and antiviral agents, are still being conducted. Opinions differ: some consider these drugs as “pacifiers,” others insist that full-fledged prevention is impossible without the use of drug therapy. In addition, it has long been a secret to everyone that counterfeits are often found in drugstores, and each of the buyers’ risks acquiring not only useless but also dangerous medicine.

If you prefer drug prevention, be sure to consult a therapist before starting any drug. Many of these drugs have a number of side effects and contraindications and can often do much more harm than good.

Cold and flu can be cured, but it is better to avoid infection and do everything possible so that the disease does not affect you. Observance of simple rules of conduct during epidemics, strengthening of immunity and a healthy lifestyle are the best ways to protect oneself from respiratory infections.

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