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The 5 best places to travel in the Tambov region are named

In the first place in the rating of Rosturism – of course, Tambov himself. The city did not touch the war, so the planning structure, laid down in the 18th century, has survived to this day, and many old buildings have survived. City estates, like precious stones in the golden frame of the city, decorate it and attract tourists.

An original color is given to the city by ancient churches and monasteries. Tambov’s visiting card was the bell tower of the Kazan Monastery, the second tallest in Russia.

Tambov is famous for its luxurious expositions of museums. The local museum of local lore is one of the oldest in Russia. It was founded in 1879, to the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Tambov vicegerency. Read more: 10 things you should discuss before the wedding

By the way, on the historical buildings of Tambov hang signs with the phone number and code of the object, typing which you can listen to the history of the building. This is a free mobile guide, available for any mobile phone (not just smartphones).Tambov

In second place – Michurinsk, which preserved the charm of a small merchant city. It is also the only scientific city in Russia, having an agrarian direction: here they are engaged in the development of ecologically safe technologies for the production, storage, processing of fruit and vegetable products of therapeutic and preventive action. The whole world knows Michurin saplings – especially those that are grown in the Central Genetic Laboratory are famous. Read more: Silicone vs Rubber Hose – Which Is Best?

 traveIn the house-museum of Michurin, you can get acquainted with the conditions in which the outstanding biologists and breeder, the creator of hundreds of new varieties of fruit and berry crops, lived and worked. Here, each thing stores the memory of its master, the touch of his hands. The house-museum is inextricably and organically connected with the uterine garden and nursery, which is a kind of green museum in the open air. Michurin designed the house with a wooden veranda.

TambovOn the third place – the museum-estate of Rachmaninov “Ivanovka”. The estate occupied a special place in the life of the composer, it was here that they wrote the best creations. Since 1982, the International Music Festival named after Rakhmaninov has been held annually in Ivanovka. Also, music festivals are held annually: “Lilac”, “Musical summer in Ivanovka”, “Jazz in Ivanovka”, musical youth assemblies, master classes of outstanding musicians. Particularly good is Ivanovka in the spring when 57 varieties of lilacs are in blossom.

TambovIn fourth place is an ostrich farm. The dietary meat of ostriches every year is valued more and more: it practically does not have cholesterol, it has a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, it has excellent taste qualities. Today, the “ostrich wave” has reached the Russian middle zone. There are 17 ostriches in the village of Styzhki of the Sosnovsky district (60 km from Tambov). The farm was created with “pheasant” production – one of the largest in the country. Thus, very different birds live in one farm: elegant dandies pheasant and fluffy giants ostriches. It can impress more than any zoo.

Finally, in fifth place – another farm, this time deer. In the regional center of Sosnovka (70 km from Tambov) is a reindeer farm. In 2007, 30 specimens were brought here, they settled down, got used to and started to give offspring, which shows how comfortable and comfortable they live in these parts. Now about a hundred deer live in semi-free conditions, where they are looked after by specialists. Here you can observe the life of wild animals almost in natural conditions.

Undoubtedly, in the Tambov region, there is something to bring to friends and relatives as a souvenir. Far beyond the region are known as Tambov potatoes, Tambov ham and honey. An excellent souvenir can be branded candies “Tambov wolf” and marshmallows from natural raw materials.

Traveling through the Tambov region can be combined with attending events. August 27-28 in the village of Atman Ugol Sosnovsky district will be held traditional games “Atmanovskie kulachki” – the only remaining authentic Russian games taking place at their original place of existence and reborn after a 20-year break. September 9 will be the All-Russian exhibition “Day of the gardener – 2016” in Michurinsk. The best selection achievements of horticulture, modern means of plant protection, special equipment, equipment for growing and processing fruit and berry crops will be demonstrated at the open area, the Michurinsky Apple Festival will be held. On the same day, September 9, in Tambov will be the IV Interregional Festival of Choral Music “Songs over the Tzu” – one of the most ambitious in terms of entertainment and duration of the region’s events.

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