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Personal brand: what is it, what is needed and how to promote it

Everyone has a personal brand, but not everyone is involved in his promotion. A good resume is not enough to get into a cool company, and a personal website will be left without attention if it is not advertised. You will find out why you need a personal brand, how to properly build it, to promote it in the community and what tools will help in this.

What is a personal brand

a personal brand

A personal brand is a marketing tool, an advantage that will set you apart from other professionals, help you get a job and earn more money. Of course, fame, money, and love will not come to you right away, but to show that you are a cool pro, you can and should now. Read more: 5 ideas to start a small business with low investment

Start with a simple exercise: Google yourself. Probably, you will find links to your pages on social networks and namesakes. Your task is to make the first page of Google show your work: portfolio, sample texts, personal site and everything related to your work environment.

When you tell about your experience in a personal blog or on a page in social networks, then you gather around yourself a professional community. Useful content covers thousands of interested people from the sphere – it helps to form a specialist brand that has something to share. Keep reading

Why you need a personal brand

top personal brand

Get a job in a cool company

Employers need an expert who, in the trend of the latest updates in the work of the Overtaken tape, tells the lifhaki to attract traffic to the site and listen to the audience. This means that your experience is confirmed by working cases and other experts in the field. Read more: How to Make Your Business Card Designs Stand Out

Promote the brand of the company (and myself on the career ladder)

To tell about your work or about your own project is easier when there is a personal channel for distributing content with an interested audience. For the company in which you work, it is a bonus in the form of additional traffic, a flow of customers and even attracting new employees.

Make useful acquaintances

When your channels of promotion get regular readers, and under the posts, there are comments from other experts – this, consider half the success. People will start asking for experiences, help with work on the project or material – do not refuse: get feedback, recommendations, and additional advertising.

Participate in other projects

Cool guys are invited to work together with other cool guys. It can be either project on inter-piracy: exchange posts or write partner material, and large commercial projects, where companies invite experts for different tasks: develop a strategy for an advertising campaign, draw up a course on the topic or consult.

Start with social networks

how to promote personal brand

The page on Facebook and the photos on Instagram – the first where the recruiter hurries after viewing the resume and the cover letter. Therefore, put your order in the profile: remove photos from rest on shushing kebabs, reposes of culinary masterpieces and jokes with the merry public. There is no trust in your advice and other people if you are blogging about SMM, and you do not have social media pages at all. And sotsseti – an additional channel for promoting materials, so take them seriously.

Publish content on large venues

Write a couple of notes in the network – little use. If you create useful content with examples of works – tell us about it. Any product needs promotion, no one will accidentally jump on your page and tell the world.

Create a personal website when you form an audience

If you start to notice that a professional community is formed around your content: many comments and discussions under posts, handling of questions, regular readers, reposes means the material is interesting and can live on your own site, for example, in a blog.

See how others do it

promote personal brand

Single-page landings on the good old WordPress are no longer surprising. And what kind of digital are you, if you create boring websites that you do not want to say “WOW!” And share the page with a friend? I chose several examples of inspirational personal pages that can push the idea for my own.

What else

A couple of ideas for the future. When the number of subscribers on the resources will be more than several thousand, suddenly there will be free time and will want to share a unique experience.

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