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Perfect Playroom Ideas

If lockdown has spurred you on to create a playroom for your kids, you are not alone! Working from home with children is difficult to manage and giving them a space of their own is a great way to allow them to play and to give you the chance to work or get on with household chores!

You don’t necessarily have to build an extension from scratch to add a playroom – a loft conversion or clearing up your garage and converting that are both great ways to create a large space for your kids to play in – a tidy up, new flooring and new doors from this garage doors Swindon based company for example, can be all the foundations that you need to create the perfect playroom.

Here are a few ideas you can use to make the space a little more special…

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Somewhere to Scribble – A blackboard is a great idea, either on an easel or to save space, why not get some blackboard paint and paint a portion of the wall or even a cupboard?

Rather than painting the walls, or wallpapering them, why not add stickers or cut outs of your kid’s favourite characters and themes? That way, as they grow and inevitably their tastes change, it is much easier to update than painting and papering over and over again.

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Quiet Time – A little reading area, complete with bookcase and cosy cushions is the perfect place for kids to calm down and get lost in their favourite books. A corner of the room works best for this.

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