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Paddle tennis for beginners: How to play paddle tennis

Paddle tennis is a sport that has already become a well-established alternative to tennis and other racquet sports. If you are starting to play, either alone or as a couple, you will be interested in reading our paddle tips for beginners and learning how to play paddle.

Get the most out of the paddle

the paddle tennis

Are you sure that paddle ball is a sport for you? Nowadays this is very easy to check thanks to the Internet. Find out about the paddle, what it consists of, how to play and what you need. The important thing is to know well what you want to play before you start with it.

For example, YouTube is full of videos about plays, basic movements, tips … that can greatly help you decide for this fun sport. And if you have friends that play, you can go to watch some of their games.

One important tip is to not spend a lot of money on material if you’re not sure you want to start playing paddle. But surely once you start there will be no one to stop you!

Buy the right equipment

Even if you are a beginner, you need a suitable equipment to start playing paddle. Do not spend a lot of money to start, because when you get better there will always be time to renew the equipment.

First, it is necessary to buy a specific paddle to play paddle. There are a lot of cheap paddle shovels, which range between 40 and 80 dollars. Some professional shovels can cost more than 400 dollars, but if you are starting it is not necessary to disburse that money.

Sneakers are also important, and the price options are very broad. In this section you do not need to spend a lot of money either, since some basic shoes will be perfect for playing paddle.

As for the costumes, try to be comfortable and allow you to perform all movements. It is a good idea to wear pants with pockets to keep the balls. The paddle is a very fast game and the ball is changed frequently.

Find more people who are starting

If starting alone in the paddle is complicated, try to find a companion or playmate who starts with you. The paddle is usually a game of couples, so it will be much easier to get along with someone who is also starting.

If you start playing with someone who has a higher level, the game may suffer. It is better to find someone of your level, and together to go practicing and improving every day.

Practice solo

Practicing alone is also a good idea to get loose and learning to play. If at any time you want to play but nobody can accompany you, prepare a space and practice against a wall, wooden board or surface in general.

It seems simple, but this will help you gain mobility with the paddle and practice all kinds of movements.

Sign up for beginner classes

The most normal thing when you are a beginner in paddle is to sign up for initiation classes. Here you can meet other people of your level and learn directly from a teacher.

This is, without doubt, the fastest and most direct option to learn to play paddle. Although surely you wonder where to start looking for paddle lessons, since it is not a very common service at the moment.

At Sharecrop we can help you. We have a large number of Paddle tennis teachers willing to give you classes at the best price and adapting to all your needs. You just have to click on this link and fill out our simple form , and up to four professionals from your area will be in touch with you.

You can compare prices, read opinions of other customers and choose the professional that best suits your conditions. Registration is completely free and without commitment, so finding your nearest paddle teacher has never been easier.

Be very patient

As in other sports, paddle requires a lot of practice and patience. You are not going to become a professional the first week you play.

Be consistent and practice often and you will see that little by little you are developing better. The important thing is to have fun and never throw in the towel.

Easier paddle movements for beginners

If you are starting to play paddle there are a few movements that will be easier for you. The easiest blow is the plane, which is done by placing the blade perpendicular to the ground and hitting the ball just behind. This movement allows to have a greater control of the ball.

The serve is very important, since a bad serve can spoil a good play. Practice the long kicks with effect so that the ball does not bounce too much, and try not to pull with much force. If you get used to this movement you can start the service without problems in all your games.

The forehand is one of the most important hits for the attack, and it is not complicated to perform. The legs should be bent and you have to lean slightly forward. Turn the shoulders and leave the left shoulder pointing towards the ball. The left hand should also point to where the ball is bouncing, raising the paddle back without changing the position of the paddle. Then you must hit the ball at waist height, following the imaginary line of your left hip.

The volley, another essential movement, is done close to the net and without letting the ball bounce. This blow is quick, requires a quick preparation, but it is not complicated to do it either.

General tips for paddle tennis beginners

Here are some general tips for playing paddle tennis as a beginner:

  • When you move from your position to return a ball, try to return to where you were. So you can have more control of the game and not lose any ball.
  • Try to have your body stopped when you give the blows. That is, without moving. To do this you must be very fast and reach where the ball is going to fall with enough time to stop and hit it. This will give you much more precision.
  • Play diagonally with respect to the opponent. This position offers a wider space to respond to the opponent’s runs.
  • Do exercise. The paddle tennis itself is a great exercise, but if you also do complementary exercises leg, arms and aerobics you will see that your game improves greatly.
  • Choose one side. If you get used to playing from a certain side of the field you will specialize and start making better plays.

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