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outdoor wedding

Most ideas to organize your outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding is a perfect opportunity to give your guests a more casual and quiet atmosphere than the typical ceremony inside the church. This type of events also gives you the opportunity to put to work the creative side of your brain, opening a window of new possibilities in decoration, invitations and arrangements for the occasion. Here we give you some pretty useful tips for your outdoor wedding .

The place of celebration your outdoor wedding

organize your outdoor wedding

The first is the first and prevention is better than cure … So let’s not leave anything to chance and choose a place that offers a garden but also an interior room to have a plan B in case it rains. You know, the weather is unpredictable and as far as the organization of the wedding is concerned everything must be left very well tied.

Blue Fire: Exterior Lights

Some lights for outdoor flexible, transparent pc made with better quality that gives them extra durability while preventing oxidation, corrosion, deterioration and water. Each of the pieces contains a total of 54 LED lights and are available in white, warm white, blue and multicolored colors.

Give the ceremony a touch of intimacy and romance with the help of these light outdoor and easy to install.

TREACLY: Runner for outdoor weddings

An exclusive piece made with mesh fabric and sequins, easy to transport that can be adjusted to any type of terrain such as grass, asphalt or sand. This runner is designed to withstand the demands of an outdoor wedding and comes in a wide variety of colors .

The corridor is part of the focal elements of the entire ceremony and must be chosen with extreme care, since it is the area where the bride and groom will make their grand entrance to the guests. This light and versatile piece gives you an ideal surface for a bridal walk with great elegance and style. Keep reading mother of the bride hairstyles.

Adore: Metal Arc Mobil

A sturdy and lightweight aluminum structure that features an arch shape on the top and open vertical bars designed to be decorated with any type of vegetation, fabrics or flowers of your choice. This article has measures of 57 inches (145cm) wide by 94 inches (239cm) high.

A light piece with a classic air that complements perfectly all the nature that exists around an outdoor ceremony. One of the favorites of Amazon users that will undoubtedly be your favorite too.

Richer: Candle Type Lamps for outdoor weddings

best outdoor wedding

It is a lamp in the shape of a candle that has a lithium battery that allows them to stay illuminated for up to 18 continuous hours. Each of these white lamps has its own LED bulb and its maximum height is around 3.5 cm to 4 cm.

A safe alternative to the classic candles but that bring to the ceremony all the intimacy, romance and elegance of a space decorated with them. These lamps are available at a fairly affordable price .

Flash Furniture: Hercules Series Folding Chairs

A lightweight and at the same time resistant garden chair that can support up to a weight of up to 1000 pounds (453 kilos).  They are available in the colors white, black and black cherry. This furniture has a design that makes them easy to fold.

An article designed to provide maximum comfort to your guests throughout the event. These resistant and lightweight chairs are perfect to give a minimalist and rustic style to the entire ceremony.


Outdoor weddings lend themselves to create intimate, quiet and restful spaces , here the guests can take a relax, recharge energy and talk with others. This corner needs carpets, many cushions, sofas, swings or hammocks, as well as being out in the open or under a palatal.

The purpose is to create a peaceful area where attendees enjoy the space. Within the area you can locate a bar of light snacks and drinks.

Rustic furniture and decoration of outdoor weddings

 ideas to organize your outdoor wedding

By day or night you should create an elegant and warm atmosphere through rustic decor. The tables, chairs and wooden benches as well as branches, trunks and plants will meet the natural and rustic requirement.

The wooden boxes as well as the baskets can form centerpieces for simple wedding , you can replace the wood by glass or plastic that will be decorated as jute bands that will evoke the rustic , for example.

They can adapt a site with hammocks, rocking chairs or other furniture to rest, do not forget the wooden signs , these can dress the chairs of the couple, be indicative of sites or show the hashtag of the wedding.

And how about placing the wedding fondant cake on a log? Attractive not! Another idea around the cake is that the table of this are several wooden bases. On the other hand, locate wooden carts or see one or another wall with wood and floral details or fabrics.

False ceilings outdoor weddings

top outdoor wedding

The tendency to create gardens on the roof is becoming stronger and that is to see different sizes of arrangements with different flowers and foliage creates sobriety to the event, you can attach hanging vines that with the breeze of the sea or the wind these are agitated to provide charm.

The elegant style can paint the ceiling with beautiful light fabrics that create clouds of charm, these when gathered can be sealed with a luminous candelabra or floral arrangement for wedding .

The lighting can also dress the roof. The bombastic Chinese lamps in soft shades, especially white are placed on top to evoke the subtle, these can be accompanied by fabrics.

XXL letters

Something that can not be missing in a bridal event are the stellar illuminated letters. These allow to play with the imagination because they are fun and modern details that will give shine to the place where they are placed.

The size of the letters is important and you should consider it to find your best location. More than letters are also symbols or words that can be placed under the table of the elegant wedding cake , under the main table or any place of your preference.

The large spaces are perfect for locating them so that guests can take photos, as well as you, even these can be part of the scenery of the first photo shoot.

Flowers and more flowers

Flowers play an important point in weddings, especially those held outdoors. The essential thing is to create a garden within the event . Accompany wedding table arrangements with lavender flowers, daisies, Gerber, sunflowers, olive leaves or others are a reason to make the interior look more beautiful.

Select the flowers that please your tastes, those that cover walls, paint corridors, view handrails or become hanging arrangements. Choose all the possible nature for the decoration of the wedding, remember that the flowers have that extra touch that makes your day even more special.

Free fresh water bar

As well as the sweet table for wedding , the free bar of drinks is also part of the mini projects within the main project. The bar of drinks is prudential in times and hot places , this one must offer refreshing drinks like waters of flavor, sodas, smoothies and juices, to propose variety perhaps they can annex a bar more with drinks that contain alcohol.

Add decoration to the drinks bar as well as small signs that name each drink , big as small will know that they will be served. Finally, do not forget to locate a table with glass glasses, straws, extra ice and cup holders.

Very careful lighting

ideas to organize your outdoor wedding

The lights should be a surprise that captivates the attention of the guests. More than the sun, the stars and the moon have to put in different points dim lighting. At dusk, the evening can be illuminated with hanging light bulbs , intertwine the cables or drop some more than others.

We are not talking about holiday times! But the series of Christmas lights are part of the trends . These set internal and external places but always generate intimacy. The small Iquitos can wrap trees, frames, be exposed to the top or cascade to give depth to the roof.

Hanging in trees, accompanying centerpieces or as decoration in corridors, lanterns are a way to illuminate in a subtle way. Choose a material that coordinates with the theme and choose different finishes.

The romantic for the end. The scented candles in different sizes and in a monotone are required to have that glamorous, elegant and sophisticated touch. They can be presented in glassware, cages, oil lamps or they can paint the way to the altar.

Finally, the idea of ​​an outdoor wedding is becoming more common, but not only in regard to the subsequent dinner and decoration of the banquet tables , but also to the decoration of the ceremony . For this reason, we have decided to dedicate this gallery to outdoor decorations, to all the details in which you can be inspired to have a dream wedding. Do not miss outdoor wedding decoration and you’ll want yours to be like that, we’ll make sure!