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outdoor sports

The best outdoor sports and their benefits

Practicing outdoor sports is a great way to enjoy the environment, sunbathe and de-stress, so we suggest some of them to practice outdoors. If you want to exercise but gyms and closed sites are not for you, maybe you should try some of these sports that are practiced outdoors. Alone or in a group, these activities will take care of keeping you healthy while you get out of the routine and get distracted. Each outdoor sport has its characteristics. Choose the one that is easiest for you to practice according to your times and physical conditions. Remember that exercise relieves tension, helps you concentrate better and improves your quality of life .

When the good weather approaches we want to go out, and outdoor sports become fashionable. Although the gym is very good, enjoy the exercise while breathing fresh air, provides many benefits. We tell you what outdoor sports you can practice and how you will benefit from them.

Benefits of outdoor sports

best outdoor sports

As a good athlete, you know that exercise is beneficial for our physical and emotional health, but when it is practiced outdoors, the benefits multiply. These are some of the most outstanding:

Increase in self-esteem

It has been scientifically proven that practicing a sport outdoors, no matter what it is, produces a remarkable improvement in self-esteem and mood. Staying in an open environment in which to enjoy the breeze and the positive energy of the sun, will improve our emotional health.

Girl doing squats in a park.

The feeling of freedom that an open space produces is not comparable to a gym, much less if the space in which you practice sports puts you in touch with nature.

Endorphin release

Endorphin are released when we exercise, due to the pleasure that this gives us. Yes, no matter how much effort you require, exercise gives us doses of pleasure that remain latent with the release of this hormone.

Do it in an open space, to provide us with better mood and also be able to do it with friends or loved ones, it helps us to be more happy and therefore feel greater doses of pleasure, which in the long run, will benefit our body.

Physical benefits

Remember that the sport began to be practiced for the first time in natural spaces, so everything that a machine can provide us, will never be similar to the benefits of exercising in nature.

For example, if you like to run, the real floor allows your joints and muscles to exercise 100% while receiving a less impact than doing it on a hard surface like a tape.

What are the best outdoor sports

The best outdoor sports


The bicycle is one of the sports that we even practice in childhood without even thinking that it was a great exercise for joints and muscles. Doing it in the open air allows us to work on bodybuilding and resistance in different areas and enjoy nature and pure air.

In addition, we can meet with friends and spend a nice day with them . You can create your routes by the places you like most or even use the bike as a means of transport.


This seems the most ‘outdoor’ outdoor sport. The truth is that running can be done anywhere: a park, the streets, a maritime passage, etc. Any place where you live will be ideal to practice this sport outdoors. Also, it does not require any investment as you only need a comfortable clothes and good shoes for  running  and enjoy the outdoors.


This sport does need an investment in good skates as well as a terrain that allows them to slide easily. However, this is becoming less difficult to achieve as more and more towns and cities are habitating areas for skating or bike lanes , where you can also practice them.


If you live in a beach place, forget the closed and heated pools and go to the ocean. Enjoy nature, the outdoors and the great  benefits of salt water for the skin and blood circulation.

Other outdoor sports

Depending on the place where you live, you will only have to use a little imagination and take advantage of the options that the place gives you to practice outdoor sports. We give you some ideas:

  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Marathons
  • Paddle
  • Golf

Remember that in many cities you can find machines in the parks that emulate those in gyms that will also be very useful to strengthen muscles and burn calories . Whatever you decide, we are confident that any of the outdoor sports will improve your health. Do you already know which one you are going to practice?

Outdoor sports that will improve your health

the Outdoor sports

Walk under the sky

For those who want to start small walking is the ideal sport. It is recommended, as a minimum, to walk 30 minutes daily. You can start at short distances on circuits near your home such as parks or avenues. You just need to have comfortable clothes, sneakers and sunscreen.

It doses the intensity of the activity. If you walk slow, travel more distance, if you increase the speed, walk less time. Stretch before you start and at the end to relieve muscle tension. While walking, pay attention to your breathing to use the highest lung capacity possible 1 . And if you consider that walking alone is boring, it has been shown that having a walking group has a broad spectrum of health benefits.

 Running in freedom

It is not the same to run on a treadmill than to enjoy the experience of a good outdoor training session. Unlike hiking, to run you need a little more preparation before you adopt the correct posture, choose the right shoes and plan your workouts.

Outdoor functional training

To do fifty sit-ups and fifty squats you do not need to pay a monthly membership in a gym. The parks and public recreation areas are ideal for training with the weight of your body , without any additional equipment.

Strides, irons, push-ups and complete routines for different areas such as the legs, abdomen, buttocks or arms can be practiced in any space. There are mobile applications that tell you what types of exercises to perform. Remember not to force your body or expose yourself to injuries.

Yoga in contact with nature

top Outdoor sports

Yoga is an ancestral discipline that combines bodily postures with breathing and meditation techniques. Many groups of yogis and yogis prefer to practice outdoors, especially when natural conditions help the state of relaxation.

Both yoga and Pilates are activities that can be practiced in closed rooms or under open sky, you only need a mat and your own breathing. The experience of practicing yoga outdoors, in contact with nature, enhances its benefits for your health.

Team sports like football

Rent a court for a couple of hours to run behind the ball with friends is a healthy plan increasingly demanded. Spend a while moving the body, sweating, releasing toxins and doing aerobic exercise outdoors is always a good plan to do it at least three times a week for the body to get used to regular physical activity.

Aerobic activities

As a second group of activities we are going to stop at aerobics . To carry them out the best is to focus on parks or areas of forests where the vegetation abounds that will keep the air more purified and with it we breathe an air of higher quality that will greatly benefit our health.

The race is the activity that takes the cake and the one that most of us do in the open air. The best thing for this is to opt for green places full of vegetation in which the air is purer. It is an aerobic exercise that requires a great lung activity, and therefore it is better to do it in places where the air is purer.

Paddle and tennis

outdoor sports and their benefits

Secondly, as an alternative to the outdoors, we will highlight paddle tennis or tennis, which is about two activities that we can do in a group that require direct action of arms and an important work of power in this part of the body. Therefore it is a good activity to tone this part of the body. In addition, it supposes a complete and intense aerobic exercise.

For the development of both activities we will need the right equipment for special racket for each activity and balls. In addition, we must not forget that psychomotor work will be important and will help us to control our body much better , besides helping us to feel much better when sharing an activity with other colleagues.

But can I do the same physical exercise outdoors? Can we carry out full workouts without the gym machines? The answer to both questions is affirmative. Not only can we obtain the same results as in the gym, but the fact of training outdoors has benefits for our cardio respiratory system (as long as we stay away from the areas with the most contamination) and, especially, for our mood.

Finally, the arrival of winter and good weather usually encourages our desire to play sports and lead a more active life. However, locking ourselves in the gym is not usually the most attractive idea. Not only because the days are longer and the weather accompanies spending more time on the street, but also because doing outdoor sports can make us save that money every month.

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