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Zara Christmas Table Collection

Nine accessories to get a spectacular Christmas table: Christmas edition, by Zara Home

The time is approaching, the most anticipated days of Christmas, those in which the family gathers, and those that are wonderful encounters with people who live at a distance and do not enjoy their company daily. This is the best time to start composing a spectacular Christmas table, in which 95% of its accessories, if properly chosen, will have a useful life for the rest of the year. We started by giving the keys to compose a Christmas table. Zara Home as all seasons, in addition to bringing continuous news, adapts its collections to Christmas, in turn creates new ones, such as the Christmas collection. A collection to decorate the home when these festivities arrive.

Table linen for the occasion

Zara Christmas Table Collection Zara Christmas Table Collection

The colors for this Christmas do not vary much from the previous collections, gold, gray, red and new blue along with the elegant white as always, the textiles do not arrive smooth, they appear with textures such as brocades, borders, hemstitches and drapes at their edges or leaving the upper base in white and forming the flight in gray tones with tall creca and compositions of exquisite drawings. What are different are their reasons illustrated in the textile that make them unequaled. Stars, branches, leaves, damasks, cashmere and letters among others.

Paths of table

Zara Christmas Table Collection

They are quite functional, the same you can decorate with them a table for the daily of these holidays or use them decoratively on the festive tablecloth. The table runners have three functions, the first reserve the general tablecloth, the second an extra ornament and the third visually match the diners located opposite. In addition to raising the color and making an adequate contrast, coordinated use with different shades to the tablecloths, this contrast will dress the table even more and give you more charisma.

Trivets and napkins

Zara Christmas Table Collection

The textile decoration can be topped by placing a placemat on top of the tablecloth or on top of the table runner located on the main tablecloth. Whatever your choice will be ideal. The trivets of the Christmas collection have very different modalities, from stamped felt forming Christmas drawings to circumferences made with jewelery materials, others to choose from are wood and natural fibers. In rolls of two units, Zara Home presents the tablecloths, particularly the Christmas motifs are the most desired for the upcoming festivities and Zara makes it very easy for us with all the recreated motifs.

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Zara Christmas Table Collection Zara Christmas Table Collection

The world of napkins … Currently they tend to coordinate with fabrics or finishes very different from the design of the tablecloth itself, although the classic shapes do not go out of style, if a tablecloth is flowered, use them with plain motifs and a shot according to the color background according to the linen will be ideal and elegant. For the more practical Zara Home creates the collection on Christmas paper napkins to be combined with some of the tablecloths. For the perfectionists sell rings-napkin rings, you can find them with moss motifs and materials, red fruits and pine branches or the simplest, the rings that in this occasion arrive perforated and in golden tones so that the table shines to the smallest detail.

Crockery and cutlery

Zara Christmas Table Collection Zara Christmas Table Collection

The festive tones are accompanied by smooth white and embossed edges, white with edges in silver and white with winter patterns with black drawings that show a snowy winter, these are wonderful to create a comfortable and more traditional decoration. For the most glamorous, the glass resurfaces in its original color and in red, they are crockery with rough structures full of circular patterns on the glass in the form of a mandala.

Zara Christmas Table Collection

In cutlery, Zara Home presents the color of the season, gold, although silver still persists. The curious thing is that the golden begins to coordinate with handles or wooden beetles, a great contrast and ideal for a sensational table. The cutlery that we liked the most … Baroque cutlery engraved in gold and silver draw attention for its shapes and the extent of its engravings that cover almost completely covered, as well as combining saucepans, shovels for tarts, fork trenches and ladles as cooking and functional accessories in these upcoming parties.

Glassware and ceramic games

Zara Christmas Table Collection

The most Christmas glassware that we can coordinate with the tablecloths are the silk screened transparencies with golden patterns like stars, sparkling bubbles or vines. If you fancy the red notes, the Polka collection will enchant you, glasses and red cups with golden dots. Even shot glasses in red with messages of Merry Christmas await you at Zara Home.

Zara Christmas Table Collection

The ceramic games are of fine and current designs, you can find to give or for own use, complete coffee games or cups and individual or dual dishes like these with message.

As final accessories the coasters made of perforated felt materials forming snowflakes, small spherical glass tubes or wooden squares with carved firs typical of the period. The most natural accessories are introduced in the harmony of the table with fruits like berries, filling the table with sensations, to finish a central crown in which to place aromatic candles or even some chandeliers and winter flowers will make our table a show of taste and elegance.

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