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expensive diamonds

What do the 7 most expensive diamonds in the world look like?

The most expensive diamonds- No woman can resist the brilliance of diamonds, but their astronomical prices can scare anyone. These precious stones are the most expensive in the world so only very rich people can afford them.

Depending on the number of carats, cut, appearance and color, there are several types of diamonds. These 4 qualities determine the value of each individual stone.

But the most expensive diamonds in the world do not actually have a price. Of course, they have it, but it is unlikely that an ordinary mortal will be able to pay it. However, there is no woman who does not dream of wearing an ornament with any of these diamonds!

Expensive diamonds: Switchback Diamond (Switchback Diamond)

best Expensive diamonds

This diamond has a rare blue color and is estimated at $ 16.4 million. Originally it belonged to the Austrian crown, and now it is owned by an unknown rich man. Read more: WHAT DOES THE WEDDING DREAM ABOUT?

Expensive diamonds: “The Pink Star” (Steinmetz Pink)

most expensive diamonds

This diamond has an oval shape and a unique pink color. Experts estimate it at $ 25 million. Pink diamonds are always more valuable, but this one is especially important since it is the largest of them. The weight of the Pink Star is 59.6 carats. Read more: When parents spoil a wedding

Expensive diamonds: “DE Beers Centenary”

This diamond is 100% transparent and has no flaws, so its value is estimated at $ 100 million. It weighs 273.85 carats and was found in South Africa in 1986. The identity of the current owner is unknown, but there is evidence that this stone is in a private collection.

Expensive diamonds: “Hope” (Hope)

most expensive diamonds

At one time, this diamond adorned the crown of the French king Louis XIV. This 45.52 carats precious stone is famous for its rich history. Today, its price is $ 350 million. This dark blue diamond belongs to the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, which is in Washington, DC.

Expensive diamonds: “Star of Africa”, or “Culinary” (Culinary)

Such a diamond is only for those who can afford to part with $ 400 million. Once the “Star of Africa” was the largest natural diamond. When cutting, this huge gemstone of 3,106 carats was divided into 9 delicious diamonds, assigning each number from 1 to 9. All ornaments with the Scullions are the property of the English Crown.

Expensive diamonds: “Sandy” (Sandy)

The pale yellow color of this diamond has almost perfect transparency. Currently, it has no price, because it is considered a work of art. If it is ever sold, it will become the second most expensive diamond on Earth. For the possession of this diamond weighing 55.23 carats in time fought several monarchs. Today it can be seen in the Louvre (Paris).

Expensive diamonds: “Mountain of light”, or “Kohinoor” (Oh-I-Door)

best expensive diamonds

This diamond has no price. It is 100% transparent and clean, and its weight is 105 carats. “Kohinoor” was found in the 1302 year. Currently, this priceless diamond adorns the crown of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Undoubtedly, her heirs are very happy about this fact.

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