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Looking for entertainment for your guests? 10 games for the marriage party

Surprise your guests with these games for the marriage party, to give a fun and different atmosphere, and that day is also unforgettable for them.

When they deliver the marriage cards to their guests, expectations will begin to be generated with ideas of what the ceremony will be. At the wedding there are many moments of surprises and emotions, such as the so longed moment when you in the wedding dress you cross the door making the nuptial entrance. Or when the exchange of the wedding rings is done to seal the union.

But if you are looking to give your marriage a different atmosphere, a good idea is to include wedding games in the list of ceremony program activities. This time we bring you 10 game ideas for the guests. So you can surprise them with a more interactive and integrating environment change. And that day will be unforgettable for them too.

The best photo of the day for the marriage party

 the marriage party

With regard to the great rise of social networks and the publication of photos with trend-setting hashtags, what do you think about marking your own wedding trend, like wearing a 2019 wedding dress last season, with photos that your guests upload to?

The game is about rewarding the best photo upload that will be chosen by the couple, or the one that most like shave at the end of the day, with a special gift that can show in the entrance along with the instructions. And the original hashtag for your marriage, or it can be a surprise to give more expectation.

They can include a giant frame and items for photos such as mustaches, glasses and other little signs for themed weddings, with which they can play in their personal photo session. And they can also give some clues of photos desired by the bride and groom. Such as the best capture of the couple or memorable moments to make them feel like ‘paparazzi’ of the night.

Photo stations

And speaking of photographs, who does not take at least one picture in a marriage as a guest? Setting up a special space for your guests to have fun with fun pictures can also be a play style for weddings that you can consider.

You can create a special station for professional photos, such as a cabin, or if they have a vintage wedding decoration, include a photocall. Or maybe just a site with the background for photographs. They can do thematic, with articles from the 60s, or from the west, or perhaps something more geek like superheroes.

Looking for the tone in a karaoke

Ideal to bring to light that artist that we all have inside. Hire a special provider, with a space reserved for the activity. Or inside the dance floor, and give the game a few hours or intersperse it with the musical tandas of the dance. It can be a great idea. You can talk with your salon decorator for marriage, which they can surely help you plan this activity.

The ideal is that the bride and groom are the first to use it to encourage the guestsand remember to include a strategy for organized petitions. They can be with slips of paper and pens at the banquet tables. If you can get song option books to guide them or a digital list previously sent to them through their marriage website. Or what if they add a number or name indicative of the table, for when they make the call through the microphone of the artist.

The song of the kiss

A variation of the children’s game with chairs, where the person who ended up sitting in the last chair of the circle won when the music stopped ringing. This time, sit down is replaced with a kiss. The idea is for the bride. And groom to choose a fun but famous song. One that catches your attention when it sounds and that you hope will have some short love phrases ideal for a couple.

They should cut it to 20 or 30 seconds in length, so that the time is not enough, because when it sounds. Everyone should run to give a kiss on the cheek or in the mouth of their companion before the song ends.

At the beginning of the marriage party or ceremony, they must inform the guests of the rules of the game and whoever does not do so must pay a public penance. How about dancing some choreography like Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Or sing a children’s song in public. Ideally. It should be fun and a little embarrassing. Do not leave it easy!

Would you like to know how much your guests Trivia of the couple

know about you ? For this game you only need one sheet and one pen per table, but about 30 or 40 questions that you. The bride and groom, must create for the guests to answer. There is another way to do it and it is collective trivial. Where the boyfriends are the ones who say the questions through the microphone.

And the questionnaire must be answered in a batch of time, not divided to avoid exchanging answers between tables. The table that has the most correct answers will be the winner of a special prize. It can be a bottle of some fine liquor to consume at the wedding or a special post wedding kit for the possible hangover the next day.

The draftsman of the night

Speaking of artists, what do you think if they reward an artist who is able to immortalize a special moment of marriage? They can give them thematic instructions, specific drawings or they can even allow them to recreate what the honeymoon plans will be .

The winning drawing will be awarded at the discretion of the couple and part of the prize they choose. If they like it a lot, they can frame it and make it part of the memories of their wedding that will decorate their home.

A video booth

The moment of the toast, when the words bloom and all the participants give them messages of love for the husband and wife, is a very nice and emotional moment of the meeting, but sometimes it is often too short to express what you want with words. To help those people who do not participate in the toast. Or want to say more words of blessing to the couple. The video booth will be more than a wedding game for their guests.

The idea is to have a recording area , such as an enclosed booth or a tent with a few sound insulation, with the possibility of guests entering individually. As a couple or in a group, to send a message to the bride and groomor simply let them video recorded with whatever they want. Imagine all the fun and spontaneous videos that can result.

Games for the children’s table

If your guests bring their children or you have children and want to include activities that involve them. You can change the table centerpieces for weddings by baskets with board games. Being integrated and having a good time will be the motto of the table and so the little ones will be distracted while the adults share in the meeting.

Inside the package of games, how about some puzzles, so that between all armen the figure of the box or give them coloring books. Maybe, some cards to play concentrate, or toys like lego to put together.

The game of the tweezers

The games of aguinaldo in December, usually inject fun and some adrenaline to the season of the novenas. Well, the clips will do something similar in their marriage, putting on alert all the guests. Injecting them with adrenaline and fun, and you only need 5 clips for this game.

The game consists of leaving the clothespin on the other guest’s clothes without realizing it. By the time he sees that he is wearing the clip. He should try to wear it to another until the end of the night when the couple decides to finish the game. The last 5 people who have the pincers will have to do a penancepublic.

You can have 5 accomplices in the meeting start the hunt, then explain the rules through the microphone and announce that the clips are already in the audience. Or you can do it yourself, before you take the microphone.

More outdoor games

For couples who are planning an outdoor marriage, there are several options to organize games of entertainment and fun for the guests. They can be Colombian games like the yew, the toad or the bolirana.

There is also the cricket, the darts, the throwing of rings or the limbo. Imagine your guests dancing in the open field as they try to pass through the small space of limbo without falling. They can put it on supports embedded in the earth. Or they are the assistants who hold them. Fun is assured and everyone will remember those moments.

And if you are one of the women who will wear a wedding dress for pregnant; baby shower games can also enter the list. Like that of hitting the size of the waist of the mother, in this case the bride, taking a quantity of toilet paper about the size of the belly.

Remember that it is advisable that the bride and groom be the ones who open the games, to motivate the guests and break the ice of initiation. And if the bridal hairstyle gets messy after so much movement at the marriage party, have an alternative something more practical and fresh for your hair. So you can continue the fun without worry.

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