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How to Make Your Business Card Designs Stand Out

Business cards are probably the most common type of printed marketing material; especially in today’s world. It’s not just CEO’s and managers at large firms who get business cards these days, businesses of all sizes put business cards to use to help them make new connections and reach out to their market. Even sole traders, dog walkers, and babysitters will often have their own business cards! With so many people handing out business cards, it can hard to make yours stand out. There are certain things you can do to give your card an edge over other cards, for example, rounded business cards make a great alternative to the standard rectangle card and will make your card more memorable.

If you want your business card to be truly effective, then you’ll need to have a card that is very well designed, eye catching, well presented, and includes all of the necessary information. People will judge the quality of your product, service or business based on the quality of your card (if they have nothing else to go by), so you need your card to be a great representation of your business. If your card is lacking quality, then you might as well be giving out your contact details on a scrap of paper. It can be hard to come up with new and creative designs, especially with there being so many out there already, so I’ve put together this vast collection of more than 20 incredible business card designs to help inspire you.

As you scroll through these examples, make notes on what it is about each card that stands out to you, what grabs your attention, and what elements you like most about each card. Narrow this list down until you have a few of the best elements, and then make sure you incorporate those into your own business card design. If you can do that, then you should have a very effective card design.

Hopefully that’s given you plenty to work with. Once you’ve finished your design, you’ll more than likely be looking for a reliable company to print your business cards for you. For this I recommend NextDayFlyers, their prices are among the best in the industry and everything they do is printed to the highest quality. They are a printing company you can rely on.

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