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How to join the work after the holidays

To more easily join the working  atmosphere after the holidays and not to stumble at the coffee machine with a sleepy face, take a few tips that will help survive the avalanche join the work cases:

Join the work to make a plan

how to join the work

The simplest thing you can do about join the work without harming the brain that has become unused is to make a plan. Slightly motivate and do something useful. Read more: 7 tips to help you succeed in your new job

Take a pencil, a sheet of paper or open notes on the desktop and write down all the tasks for the current month. And now just set priorities: urgent tasks in the first place, the rest – then.

Circle the tasks that you perform today – take a few small tasks and no more than three large ones (or else you are overwrought: D).

Disassemble mail

join the work after the holidays

Devote the first working day to answering e-mails and analyzing spam = to take a sleeping bag and wake up at the end of the day. So today we’ll arrange a light-cleaning version! Create several labels or folders with names: “Reply Today”, “This Week”, “You can delete”. And then immediately proceed to the letters that require an answer today. To the chaos in the mail did not reign with a new force – keep the tools to help. Well, you are almost a hero! Moving on. Read more: Training of memory and attention

Transfer complex meetings

how to join the work

Perhaps you are stunned by working puzzles and are not ready for a productive brainstorm or an evening meeting. We are all people, this can be and this is normal.

If possible, postpone the meetings for the next week, and decide on urgent matters by mail 🙂

Take breaks

best join the work

Have a cup of coffee after a couple of tasks, chat with a colleague for lunch or go around the office – do not try to wedge in for eight hours without a break. You do not want to spend all the energy at the beginning of the week? Do not be discouraged if this day is not the most productive, not only for you now it’s hard to join the business. Slowly but surely solve problems from the list and wake up!

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