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How to check if the problems of your uses of Internet connection are yours or the operator

Does the uses of Internet work very slowly? Some pages do not work for you, others do? Then there is a problem with your uses of Internet connection, and today we will see how you can know if the problem is on your side or if it is something of your Internet provider.

While browsing the Internet, data must travel from your device to the servers that host the web pages or services you are visiting, through your uses of Internet provider. Connection problems can happen both on your side (router, cables, Wi-Fi signal) and on the side of your operator.

How fast is your uses of Internet connection?

Generally, one of the first steps to diagnose problems with the Internet connection is to do a speed test . A speed test is just a web page that uploads and downloads data, measuring how long it takes and showing you the summary later.

In all cases, you must compare the value you have obtained with the uses of Internet speed you have contracted with your Internet provider.

The speed test itself will not tell you if the problem of your connection is your or the provider’s Internet, but at least it will confirm that something is wrong with your connection . Remember that it is normal that the result is something lower than the theoretical maximum that you have hired.

Do you have problems with all web pages?

uses of internet connection

Another important diagnostic diagnostic step is to check if your connectivity problems affect only one or several web pages. For this you can use pages like Down For Everyone Or Just Me. If your connection problems only affect a specific web page. Then it is likely that the problem is not yours or your provider, but that web page or service. Even the most important services like Twitter have connectivity problems from time to time.

If the problem seems to affect a certain group of web pages. Then it is more likely that the problem is with your provider. Sometimes the intercontinental cables that connect different parts of the globe can have problems. So that the pages hosted in your country work well. But not the international ones. In these cases there is not much you can do, except wait and contact your provider to make sure they are aware of the problem.

If, on the other hand, it seems that all web pages work equally badly (or well), the problem can be either yours or your uses of Internet provider. You should continue to investigate before reaching a conclusion.

Test with another device

your uses of internet connection

The best way to check if the problems of the Internet connection are yours is to try to use another device that you have at home . Another PC, another mobile. This ensures that the problem in question is not related to your operating system, drivers or network card. If Internet works correctly on another device, then the problem is not with your provider or your router, but with the first device.

To rule out problems with the WiFi signal and interference, connect a network cable from the router to a PC and test the connectivity. Is it still failing or has it been fixed? If it has been fixed, the problem is not with your provider, but with you. It can be the Wi-Fi signal, the router itself or the device with which you are connecting to the Internet.

Search in networks and ask your friends

the uses of internet connection

Another thing you can do is search social networks like Twitter, to see if more people are having problems. When an Internet provider has serious connectivity problems, the most normal thing is that there are people complaining about it on Twitter . Of course, remember to check the date, to look at recent complaints and not months or years ago.

Another thing you can do is ask friends to share your same provider to the Internet. Have you also noticed that the Internet goes wrong? And to those who use other providers? If those who use your same provider also have problems, it is very likely that the problem is from your Internet provider.

Call technical support

discover uses of internet connection

Advanced users probably use Trace route and Ping to try to find out exactly where the connection starts to fail, but the truth is that for an inexperienced user this can be complicated. In the end, the simplest thing is to call your Internet provider, expose your problems with the connection and wait for them to offer you a solution .

Technical support will not always be honest with you and will admit that there is a connection problem on your part, but it is your duty to try. After all, it’s your job to diagnose why the service is not meeting expectations.

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