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How to Style Cable-Knit Sweaters

Cable-knit sweaters are the perfect winter-appropriate number for when that temperature starts plummeting lower and lower. These sweaters looks cosy and chic at the same time, making you feel warm, snug and oh so stylish! But how to style them whilst looking elegant and feminine, you ask? Let’s take a look, fellow fashionistas!

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Ways to Style Your Sweater

When it comes to cable-knit sweaters, most are made from Aran wool, which is wool that holds onto its natural oils originating from the Aran Islands just off the coast of Ireland. Womens Aran sweaters are often knitted in cable-knit, ribbed and fisherman designs. Shops that stock Aran sweaters offer various styles, including sweaters, cardigans and fleeces, such as the womens Aran sweaters from Shamrock Gift .

These sweaters look classic as part of a foolproof sweater and jeans outfit and fabulous when layered over shirts. Some may opt for more of a cropped style, and some may choose the oversized, ultra cosy look. The trick to remember when styling your sweater is proportions. If you are going for a baggy sweater, pair it with skinny jeans or leggings to balance it out. A gorgeous winter shoe can round this outfit off nicely, so choose either ankle or knee-high boots.

Most people think winter means colours have to be greys, blacks and whites. White sweaters are so pretty and go with everything, but why not throw some colour on and shake off those winter blues? Womens Aran sweaters can look fantastic in all sorts of colours. If you are going for a bright colour, make sure you pair it with a neutral bottom so you don’t look like a colour explosion. Remember, it’s all about balance.

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Finally, there’s the neck. You could go for a chunky roll neck, a circular neck, a V-neck or a tighter turtleneck look. A V is perfect for layering over shirts so you can whip it off when you’ve been sitting by the radiator for too long and pop it back on for your winter evening stroll.

The bottom lane

What have we learnt? We have looked at various ways to style an Aran knit sweater, bringing in that wintery, country vibe whilst looking elegant and flawless. Keep this advice in mind when pairing your sweater with other items, and remember to be bold and experiment!

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