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The House Mover’s Checklist

Read this useful guide to find out who you must tell and what you must do when moving home.

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One Month Before Move

Firstly, contact local removal firms and ask for an estimate for the move. Ask for recommendations from neighbours, friends and family, and once you find a company that is affordable and highly-rated, book their services for the day of the move. Ensure you understand all the hidden costs, such as mileage, and whether the move will be conducted over one day or two.

Order packing materials and cases, ensuring you have enough for all your belongings, and new carpets and curtains for your new home.

De-clutter your home and throw out anything you no longer need, and start packing non-essential items.

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For Gloucester estate agents, an organisation such as TGRES Merging with Alex Clark Glos can offer a wealth of advice on finding the perfect home.

Two Weeks Before Move

Inform all utility companies you are moving. This includes your water supplier, electricity and gas provider, and you will probably need to take meter readings.

Complete a mail direction form from the Post Office, which will ensure all the post sent to your old address in your name will be redirected to your new home. This ensures you receive letters from any organisation or people you forgot to notify of the move.

One Week Before Move

Inform all people relating to your medical and financial lists of your address change. It is also vital to inform your household and car insurance providers.

Send out a change of address card to your family and friends, and organise who will take care of your children and pets during the move.

Two Days Before Move

Tasks such as defrosting the freezer and disconnecting the dishwasher are best done two days before your move.

Moving Day

Lay down sheets on the floors to protect them, and label where the boxes and furniture should go in your new home.

Strip the beds and set aside your vacuum for a last-minute clean before you leave.

After the Move

Ensure you pay any stamp duty land tax on your new property within 30 days of your move.

Change the locks of your new home to ensure it is secure, and take meter readings to provide to the utility companies.

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