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The Historic City of Gloucester.

If you are looking to move to city that is steep in history then the city of Gloucester may well be the place for you. It might be the Roman’s and the Medieval past or the Cathedral and the religious orders that worked in and around it or the Glorious Gloucester’s regiment that have served the army so well and the famous Docks that brought much trade and wealth to the city and where the Tall ships still come to dock now. Whatever the reason just outside of the city is the quaint village of Twigworth where there sits a wonderful Park Homes Gloucestershire area that can be viewed  for some inspiration.

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First and foremost, Gloucester is most famous for three things in its history. The first and earliest thing is the Romans influence on the city. There was a settlement here before the Romans came due to its location next to the River Severn. However, once the Romans realised that they needed a port to service the much larger town of Corinium, modern day Cirencester, the town of Glevum became a place where the Roman Centurion and Legionnaire when they had retired would go to live. The hillsides of the Cotswolds that surround Gloucester are riddled with Villas and the one at the top of Brockworth Village to the South of Gloucester is very expansive and the foundations are largely intact. The ex-soldiers of the Empire were determined people and the town grew to be larger and more prosperous than the inland Cirencester. The points of Westgate, East Gate, South Gate and Westgate can all still be seen and honoured in town.

The second historical feature of Gloucester is the mighty Cathedral. Built in the early medieval period it shows the influence that the Roman soldiers left as the city had the wealth and power to have one built especially so far form London. It has several royal connections being the site of Kings coronation and the funeral and resting place of two others. Its stained glass window in the East wing is a site to behold seeing as how it is the size of a tennis court in terms of its dimensions.

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The final historical factor is the Docks. The warehouses still stand and are slowly being converted to retail and residential areas. The Docks are bustling again after many years of neglect and being ignored there is an excellent waterways museum to see and as you wander the quays you can imagine the place as it was in Victorian times.

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