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Heres the story of an American Family…

In the 1960’s and into the 70’s there was one family that epitomised the good wholesome view of the  North American family. This was the Brady bunch a coming together of two different families to make a new blended family. On the one hand there was indeed a man called Mike Brady who had 3 sons. On the other was a woman named Carol who had three daughters of her own. Carol and Mike hit it off, got married and as luck would have it, Mike had an amazingly well paid job as an architect that allowed them all to live together in something approaching harmony. This was the Brady Bunch.

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With such a huge mix you might think that Mike and Carol would love to have taken some time for themselves to travel and stay in a Serviced Apartment Birmingham way such as should they have existed back then.

Mike is a widower. How his wife passes away is not revealed but it appears that a suitable period of mourning has passed after his wife’s tragic accident with a garden hose, two lawn mowers and a hedgehog (if you will). At the time there was much controversy over why Carol was single. At first it was suggested that she was a divorcee but this was considered scandalous as this was a family show but it looked a bit too convenient if she’d also lost her husband so the writers decided to not bother mentioning how it happened and just hoped the audience would either not notice or, more than likely, not care.

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In most households the prospect of 3 sisters gaining 3 step brothers seems like the state of a sibling rivalry that is going to have cataclysmic consequences. Not only are the daughters trying to retain the love of the mother they now have to get a Dad back on side as well. Counter to this is the brothers who suddenly have a Mom to keep them in line and are starved of their Fathers complete attention.

The first years of the show deal with this massive upheaval and the general norming of family life as everyone moves to make a little room for each other. One of the best responses is Carol’s who throws herself into the whole thing completely telling Bobby, the youngest boy, that the only “steps” in the house are the ones leading upstairs meaning she considers them all, equally her children.

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