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hair loss after childbirth

What to do when hair loss after childbirth?

Hair loss after childbirth-During the nine months of pregnancy, the body of the woman accuses many hormonal changes to meet the needs of the baby that grows inside. In this stage, as well as also after it, the changes suffered by the body can affect the hair of the future mother. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips to stop hair loss after childbirth.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the hair begins to lose its tone and the fall begins . However, in the second and third trimester it recovers from vitality and becomes brighter and more voluminous.

However, at the time of delivery, the level of hormones collapses and often triggers alopecia . Fortunately, this form of Propecia is reversible, but should be treated well.

Therefore, before offering you some tips to avoid this phenomenon and maintain beautiful hair , we will discover the reasons that evoke hair loss after childbirth.

Causes of hair loss after childbirth

hair loss after childbirth

There are several triggers for hair loss after childbirth that can be pathological. In addition to hormonal alteration, hair loss can be a consequence of stress and severe nutritional deficiencies.

Estrogen, a female hormone that is essential for a healthy pregnancy , also acts on the hair structure , which becomes more beautiful and brighter. But when the concentration of these hormones decreases after delivery, the hair loses its vitality. This drop in estrogen also influences the capillary cycle.

Stress due to the change of life that occurs after the birth of the baby can affect the mother . To fight against nervous tension caused by situations of permanent stress, the body increases its production of androgen. This hormonal disorder causes a change in the structure of the hair, which eventually falls.

Fatigue and deficiencies of essential nutrients such as iron are also responsible for hair loss after childbirth . The birth of the baby is accompanied by a significant loss of blood, and this causes a decrease in the rate of inferring in the body of the woman, which causes fatigue and lack of vitality of the hair.

6 tips to fight against hair loss after childbirth

The first thing that you should improve during this period is your lifestyle. We propose several methods to counteract hair loss after childbirth.

Follow a balanced diet

Diet is one of the most important factors that influence hair health . Follow a  diet  rich in fruits and vegetables, especially if they contain antioxidants and flavoring, protects the hair follicle and prevents falling. It is important to drink plenty of water or liquids to hydrate your body and hair.

Take nutritional supplements

In addition to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, it is advisable to supplement with biotin or vitamin B and C. Vitamin E, as well as vitamins B3, B6 and B5, stimulate the root and strengthens the hair fiber.

Use a suitable shampoo and conditioner

Check the ingredients that make up the shampoo to choose those that are not aggressive and with a pH adapted to the scalp for daily use.

When you apply shampoo in the shower, massage the scalp instead of friction to activate the micro circulation. For that reason, you must opt ​​for a suitable conditioner.

Do not hurt your hair

Do not overuse the hair dryer or the iron. By doing so, you run the risk of damaging the root and anticipating hair loss.

Dry your hair at a distance of about 20 centimeters and avoid temperatures too high. In addition, it avoids dyes and softening products that, especially during the postpartum fall, weaken the hair.

Treat your hair gently

Use products that add density and strengthen the texture of your hair. Think of home remedies that nourish the scalp.

On the other hand, you should dry it and comb it gently; Avoid rubbing it roughly with the towel to avoid damage or weakening. Keep in mind that prolonged use of extensions, pins or elastics promotes hair loss.

Controls stress and fatigue

Finally, a mother’s life can be strenuous. The lack of sleep and your worries about the baby are particularly stressful, which may accentuate hair loss after childbirth.

In short, if you have suffered hair loss after delivery is a good time to start taking care and plan a few hours a week to relax. It can be an ideal time to have a meeting with your friends or keep a romantic dinner with your partner.

Why does the woman’s hair fall out?

Poor feeding, little and no schedule

The consequences of poor diet are suffered by our entire body, but mainly by hair. When a balanced diet is not taken, all the nutrients necessary to have strong hair are not provided.

Daily carelessness and abuse that cause hair loss

In this case, alopecia due to traction caused by the abuse of horsetails, and the continued use of high pressure felts, garters and tweezers could be mentioned . It is favorable to reduce the time we stay with hair tied. If you do not like loose hair, it is preferable to cut it for the health of your hair.

Among the possible maltreatment are also the treatments that involve the use of excessive heat such as cream baths with heat, and hair drying with hot air, in both cases the damage is to the hair bulb of the hair follicle and the consequence is its weakening and hair loss. It is therefore advisable to avoid the use of dryers, or to apply them keeping the appliance at a safe distance moving it in circles so that hot air does not concentrate only in one area.

Chemicals for permanents, dyes and discolorations can also be harmful, as can excessively abrasive shampoo. The latter must be used in small quantities and never more than once a day. It is best to find a formula and brand that suits your hair type, if necessary consult a dermatologist who will advise you in this decision.

The use of plastic combs with very close teeth, pointed and hard brushes of artificial bristles is also prejudicial because they damage the scalp while pulling or splitting the entangled hairs. If your hair is thin and tends to become too entangled, apply rinsing cream or conditioner at the ends, it will help at the time of combing and will avoid unnecessary mistreatment. Also use separate tooth combs and natural bristle brushes.

Hairstyles that are too tight or the action of drying your hair frantically with a towel are equally damaging. It is best to loosen the hair and comb it according to its natural fall, as well as wrap it in a clean towel after the last rinse and, without moving it, let it absorb the excess water .

Temporary causes of hair loss

Within these can be mentioned infections, flu and fevers that cause the fall of a certain amount of hair in the following months (1-3 months) to the disease and the body, once healthy, ends up putting remedy by himself.

During pregnancy some women suffer significant hair loss that can last even a few months after delivery.

The circumstance of having lived a dangerous, traumatic, stressful or of particular transcendence can lead to hair loss that can extend during the following months (1-3 months).

The chemotherapy causes drop of almost the entire hair, but as immediately falls, then recovers the conclusion of the medication.

Pathological causes that cause hair loss

Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism usually cause Propecia, but this is the least of the ills in these cases and it is necessary to go to a specialist to address the disease in a comprehensive manner.

Iron deficiency anemia or iron deficiency causes hair loss . This problem occurs in both men and women, but the latter are at greater risk if they suffer from menstruation with abundant losses. Once diagnosed it is advisable to study the metabolic mechanisms of iron and folic acid absorption in order to remedy the causes of iron deficiency. Its correction involves the ingestion of ferrous supplements, but a diet rich in iron and vitamin C is essential.

Whatever your case, there is a lotion that, without being magic, acts directly on the hair follicle and strengthens it , so it does not hurt that while you consult the specialist, do the test at home. You just need to boil large watercress in a pot. Let cool that infusion and then use it to wash your head. You can repeat the remedy as many times as necessary, but always discard the remaining water.

How to reduce hair loss

It is always necessary to take into account a series of hygiene and hair care routines, but before the fall of the hair they should be extreme. These are the care that you must follow so that your mane is always strong and bright.

They say that the vitamins A, B and C of the onion help the hair to fall less . You should crush a little white onion and mix it with a few spoonfuls of honey. Apply the ointment to the scalp with a small brush. After about 10 minutes rinse the area well to remove the bad smell.

Aloe vera is another home remedy that works well as a treatment for Propecia, especially when the fall is caused by a problem with the skin of the scalp.

The capillary massages with rosemary oil help to improve the circulation of the blood and, therefore, to the follicles begin to work well again. Remember that a good massage on the scalp has to be done with the fingertips, never with the nails that will end up damaging it more. If you cannot find rosemary oil in stores, boil some twigs with a little rue for about 5 minutes. Let this infusion cool before you put it in your hair.

Garlic is part of a large number of home remedies , since its properties are very healing. If you do not have excessively sensitive skin, you can rub it directly against the scalp or crush it well with a few teaspoons of olive oil.

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