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gums bleeding

Why do my gums bleeding?

If the gums bleeding, it is not healthy. The diseases that occur with inflammation and bleeding of the gums are gingivitis, which is a milder and reversible. Because it only affects the gum. And periodontists, which is a more serious affectation, because in addition to affecting the gum. There is destruction of the supporting tissues of the tooth. Such as the alveolar bone and the periodontal ligament.

Causes that cause gingivitis

gums bleeding

Gingivitis is a reversible inflammation of the gums whose main manifestation is bleeding. It can appear at any age and the most frequent cause is due to poor oral hygiene. This inflammation is caused by the presence of bacteria adhered in the form of a bio film on the surface of the teeth. It can also be associated with hormonal changes during adolescence and pregnancy, among others.

Gingivitis is a very frequent pathology, recalls the doctor in Dentistry. Some of the factors that can increase your risk. In addition to poor hygiene, are related to smoking. A deficient diet  systemic diseases. Or treatments that affect the immune system , certain drugs , stress or hormonal changes , among others.

Possible complications

If gingivitis progresses and is associated with other risk factors, it can progress to a more serious pathology. This is periodontal disease, characterized by being an irreversible pathology that affects all tissues supporting the tooth. And can even cause the loss of teeth.

According to Liquidizer, in patients who usually bleed gums, mainly, this chronic inflammation can lead to especially susceptible people. Or with associated risk factors. The loss of bone support of the teeth, to the appearance of periodontal abscesses, retraction of the gum, halitosis , dental mobility. So that if it is not diagnosed and treated in time. It would lead to the loss of teeth.

Does occasional gum bleeding enter normal?

The professor of the European University Miguel de Cervantes points out that a healthy gum should not bleed. Redness of the gum, spontaneous bleeding or during brushing is a sign of inflammation. To avoid bleeding gums is necessary to have an optimal oral hygiene, based on a proper brushing technique for two minutes, at least twice a day. In addition, we always advise regular visits to the dentist to review and maintain healthy gums.

Liquidizer focuses on this idea, commenting that gums bleeding is always indicative of vaginal inflammation. So it should alert us to the possible presence of pathology. Another thing is that bleeding occurs after a very specific trauma.

Available treatments

When faced with a diagnosis of gingivitis, St Martin emphasizes, the main therapeutic objective is based on the reduction of inflammation through the elimination of bacterial plaque. Thus preventing its progression.

Or compounds that will help the recovery of vaginal health.

For its part, the member of that we must assess the need for a specific treatment as the case may be. But, in general. We can say that the basic periodontal treatment must always be accompanied by instructions in oral hygiene. And, in some cases, by an antimicrobial treatment if the dentist considers it necessary.

What type of toothbrush is recommended?

In this aspect, the electric brushes with rotational oscillating technology have shown greater acceptance Since they allow the elimination of the bacterial plaque in a much more efficient and simple way and a better control of the time of use of the device.

If the gums bleeding usually, you have to see the possible cause and apply the treatment considered necessary. The dentist should advise you the most appropriate brush in your case, depending on the characteristics of your mouth. Of course, avoiding bleeding using a very soft or soft brush will not solve the problem, but will perpetuate it.

Could aggressive tooth brushing cause gums to bleed?

A proper dental brushing technique is important, since aggressive brushing can damage the gums. In this aspect, electric brushes have some advantages over manual ones, since they reduce the risk of abrasion. And pressure on the gums, because they present a control mechanism that alerts by visual.

And improperly use dental floss?

Floss or dental floss is essential for inter proximal cleaning. So it is important to use it without causing an impact on the gums. In this regard. If the gum bleeds after flossing it is because in that area there is infection. And, therefore, inflammation and bleeding. It is rare that the dental floss produces lesions in the gum.

What assets should toothpaste contain if your gums bleeding?

The active ingredients and compounds included in the toothpastes have anti plaque properties that allow tact against the dental bio film. Almost all dentifrices contain fluorine, an ion that protects the enamel and has generalizing and antibacterial action.

Advanced formulas offer greater effectiveness through the combination with other compounds, such as tin fluoride, which is very effective in eliminating bacterial plaque, helping to reduce gum inflation and preventing the appearance of other oral pathologist. Such as tooth decay, erosion and dental hypersensitivity.

However, Izquierdo warns, the use of specific pastes to control gum bleeding does not solve the problem and is always a complement to periodontal treatment.

Should we be careful with mouth rinses?

For that reason, the professor of the European University Miguel de Cervantes recommends the visit to the dentist so that he can advise him the rinse to use, as well as his typology.

Again, the scientific literature supports the use of mouthwashes with chlorine or cetylpyridine chloride, among others.

Does gum bleeding increase during menstruation?

Indeed, systemic and local factors can aggravate the clinical characteristics of gingivitis associated with dental plaque.  The gingivitis associated with the menstrual cycle is transient and precedes the ovulation phase. Or in patients taking oral contraceptives.

In particular, explains the expert in periodontics, the hormonal change that occurs during the menstrual cycle. Or in pregnancy creates physiological changes in the vaginal tissues that make them more permeable or sensitive. And this may favor a more pronounced noninflammatory response to the challenge bacterial and, as a consequence, greater bleeding.

Oral care in patients suffering from bleeding gums

The two experts provide the following oral health advice:

It is important to prevent, detect and treat gingivitis. Any sign described above: redness of the gums, inflammation, bleeding. And halitosis should always go to the dental clinic. For Liquidizer, the most important thing is to visit your dentist in the first place and perform periodontal treatment if necessary.

As well as periodic maintenance visits to prevent vaginal inflammation -and with it the bleeding- from reappearing.

The realization of an adequate daily oral hygiene, the periodic visits to the dentist and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle help to prevent its appearance. The best treatment is prevention.

During this period, all related systemic and local factors that may aggravate its evolution must be controlled.

Currently, it is possible to determine the susceptibility of an individual to suffer from oral pathologist in sub clinical stages by means of a salivary genetic analysis test. This test allows early diagnosis and more precise treatments.

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