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Going away on your own for the first time.

It’s a bit of a long road between that envelope landing on the mat with the news that your life is going to change one way or another. Hopefully you were one of those happy lads or ladies jumping up and down hugging each other or being embarrassed by your very proud parents (try and forgive them they’ve been through the ringer too over this) because your results were good and what you wanted. If they weren’t don’t panic your life is not over it will just be a bit different to what you planned (plus you could retake and wait a year).  Now that the euphoria of your victory is over the cold water bucket of reality has probably just hit the back of your neck. You are going to University and it might be some ways away from your Mum and Dad. We’re not talking like a week-long field trip or a vacay to Magaluf this time you are on your own. So know you have to think about how you are going to survive. We can’t tell you how to do that but there are lots of websites and books that can. This little piece is just going to make you aware. Think of it as a reality check.

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  1. You’ll get a student loan that if you earn over a certain amount when you get a job you start to pay back. It won’t be enough and if you have any savings you might need to use them. It’s a good idea to get a part time job. If you have one and it’s with a chain like Tesco there is a chance you can transfer.
  2. You’ll need to make sure you register with a Doctor. For the first year you’ll be in Halls more than likely but the following years will be done to you. It a wise move to get a full check-up before you go with your current Docs and a Chlamydia testing kits London available from is a very good idea. You might not want to think about it bit you kinda have to.
  3. It’s not going to be easy saying goodbye and although you’ll make promises of eternal fraternity once you get to the bright lights of which ever Uni you’re going to and you will might a lot of people. Don’t expect the first ones you meet to hang around though.
  4. Where to live. As we said before you should get a Hall of Residence the first year but you’ll be expect to sort out something for the next two. Don’t delay after Christmas start making arrangements to find a place. You never know you might be enjoying yourself so much that you won’t want to go home. Try and get some people from your course with you.

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I’m not going to lie it’s a massive change, but you can get through this and have a great time and come away with a decent degree.

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