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English to Trip: at the time of go shopping

At the time of go shopping, like it or not, shopping is something we all need to go through frequently. If we are in a place we already know well, it may be easier, after all, we can describe exactly the parts we want. Now, when shopping needs to be made during a trip, in a new place, and in English, this experience can be challenging. And no matter where we are, knowing how to shop in English is key.

We have already given some tips on using public transport in English to the places you want to meet. Now, we also separate the most used phrases and expressions at go shopping time.

Looking for the best storesgo shopping

When looking for the stores where you can find what you need, you may come across some plates with important information: Read also: These are the countries you should visit if you are an animal lover

Out to lunch – Lunch Timego shopping

Has no secret: when you read this warning in any facade, keep in mind that employees are on lunch break and must return within one hour. In addition, when used out of context, it turns into an idiomatic expression that refers to someone who is in the moon’s world inattentive. < Buy one get one free – Pay one, get two Keep reading Better Business 101

It’s very likely that the cards advertise a promotion held by the store to attract new customers. Other ways to pass this same idea are BOGOF (an acronym for the same expression) and two for one (two by one). If you intend to save money, they may be a good option.

Clearance sale / Reduced to clear / Closing down sale – Settlementgo shopping

When you encounter one of these three sentences, it is because the store is selling their products at lower prices. The reasons for this may vary: the first two indicate stock burning, meaning the old collection products are priced lower. The last one indicates that all the products are reduced prices because the store will close definitively in a short time.

Talking with attendantsgo shopping

After choosing the most interesting shops and getting into them, you will probably talk to an attendant to ask questions and find what you want. Some phrases are essential for these hours:

Excuse me, I’m looking for … – License, I’m looking for …

When you’re in a hurry, you can go straight to find an available attendant to help you: just complete the above sentence with whatever you’re looking for.

I’m just looking/browsing, thanks. – I’m just looking, thank you.

Now if the situation goes against it and some attendant approach you when you actually prefer to continue alone, just let him know that you just want to take a look at the products in the store and thank him for your attention.

Do you have this in … – Do you have this in …

Complete with what you need to change the piece: A bigger size? / Yellow (Yellow)? / Pink (pink)? These are just three of several different ways to continue the above sentence. Whenever you want to ask for something similar to what you have at hand, but with some specific change, that is the question you need to keep in mind.

Could I return this? “Could I give it back?”

Sometimes it happens to buy or gain something that was not quite what we expected, right? So it’s always good to be able to trade one piece for another that pleases more. The above question mainly serves to return the item, which is common in overseas stores.

Could I try this on? – Can I taste?

When buying clothes and accessories, one way to avoid having to ask for the exchange of a part or reversal of its value is to prove it before making the purchase. You can confirm that there is this possibility by directing the above question to an attendant.

What are the store’s opening hours? – What time does the store open?

If you prefer to better organize your purchases, also searching for prices and products from other stores, you will need to know the opening hours of the store. To get this information, ask the question above, and then you have only to plan the best time to know the products of each one of them.

So, did you even want to do go shopping abroad? If you want to know some specific expression, leave it in the comments. We’ll be happy to help you find it!

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