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Five simple tricks that can significantly reduce your food calorie calculator

Food calorie calculator-These are times when, more than ever, we like to take care of ourselves and get as fit as possible for the impending summer period. As always, diet and exercise are the fundamental pillars to achieve it. But the truth is that sometimes certain habits. Or customs at the time of eating make us a bit uphill to get it.

If you are one of those who follow a diet costs an ordeal. today we propose five simple tricks that can significantly reduce your food calorie calculator. A few tricks that will help you to subtract unnecessary calories from your diet.

If what you need is to lose weight we all know the perfect equation. Burn more calories than we consume , that is, move in a caloric deficit that allows us to burn excess fat we have.

Although the theory is simple, the truth is that if we are not accustomed to carry habits of eating and healthy lifestyle, sometimes. this task can be more complicated than it seems. If this is your case. Today we propose  five simple tips with which you can reduce your food calorie calculator by opting for much healthier alternatives.

Six simple habits that will subtract calories from your diet

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Hydrate before each meal: hydration is essential for the proper functioning of our metabolism. But it can also be a good trick to reduce the amount of food calorie calculator that we will eat at the next meal.

According to a clinical trial carried out in the United States. The consumption of water before meals can be an effective strategy for weight loss. In fact it was found that those who ingested two glasses of water. Before each meal, managed to reduce their Subsequent intake in a total of between 75 and 90 calories.

Forget about sugary drinks: hydrate yourself, but not with this type of drinks. If what we are looking for is to reduce empty calories from our diet. It is not surprising that one of the habits to eliminate is the consumption of soft drinks and highly sweetened beverages.

A simple soda can contain up to fifteen tablespoons of sugar , without forgetting the amount of food calorie calculator that certain drinks. Or preparations can add to our diet. As is the case when we talk about the scandalous amounts of sugar of some popular coffee chains.

If you drink less water than you should choose some alternatives that make hydration easier without falling into products full of sugars. And remember that it is always better to opt for the piece of complete fruit than for a glass of your juice.

Change your processed snacks for healthy snacks: chips or a handful of nuts? both are highly caloric foods, but clearly differentiated. Not all calories are the same. And this is why our metabolism responds differently to a caloric intake of chips than to a handful of nuts rich in healthy fats and proteins. Key factor for digestive metabolism and calorie burning.

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In fact, a study published in The Journal of Nutrition concludes that within a moderate fruit consumption was found an inverse relationship with the body mass index. And a lower probability of weight gain .

Pay attention to the way of cooking: opt for healthy cooking methods and quality products. The iron, the oven or the steam cooker can subtract hundreds of calories from the same dish and significantly increase its nutritional quality.

Avoid excesses of meals away from home, whenever possible. Studies have certified that meals in restaurants, due among other things to the way. They are prepared, provide in just one meal almost all of the calories, fat. And sodium required for a full day.

Habits when eating: although it seems that a prior there is no relationship between the way we eat. And the total food calorie calculator we eat, the reality is that yes. In fact, some trials have concluded that those people who eat too fast and without chewing enough. Eat about 10% more calories in each meal  without forgetting that those who do it more slowly experience a greater feeling of fullness.

Your food calorie calculator easily

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We all know the theory: diet and exercise, but if you are one of those people whose diet is truly uphill, calm. Today we propose eight tips to reduce your food calorie calculator easily.

Watch the cooking mode: although we eat the same foods. It is not the same to prepare them in one way or another. If your goal is to reduce calories you should avoid and restrict, as much as possible, the fried. And battered and replace them with the steamed, baked or papillae. A simple change that will drastically reduce the calories in your dishes.

Tip: If you regularly take battered food, add a little water to the beaten egg to prevent it from absorbing so much oil later. In the case of fried foods, choose to remove the excess oil with a paper napkin.

Hydrate yourself correctly: follow a good hydration pattern is essential not only when exercising. And replenishing liquids, but throughout the day. If you are one of those who find it hard to drink enough water, help yourself with tricks that make this practice more bearable.

A good water consumption will not only help you eat less, thanks to its natural satiating effect. But it will also help you metabolize fats and eliminate waste products .

Tip: Get used to drinking a glass of water about ten minutes before each meal to avoid getting so much anxiety.

Opt for satiating and low calorie foods: elevate the consumption of fruits and vegetables and always try to accompany your dishes with a healthy garnish. In addition to benefit from a good dose of fiber. It will help you to satisfy without increasing the caloric intake.

Tip: take a piece of fruit mid-morning or afternoon to avoid coming with that feeling of hunger at mealtime. Do you know what are the six fruits with fewer calories?

Avoid making the purchase when you are hungry: although it seems a very basic advice. It is more than cash. In this way we will avoid the temptation to throw to the car all that we want to eat at that time. And that generally  are highly caloric products.

Tip: help yourself with a shopping list to choose directly those products or foods that you really need, avoiding temptations while you decide what to buy .

Rest correctly: sleep the necessary hours and rest properly is not only related to a better quality of life. But is also directly linked to the production of certain hormones that can stimulate our appetite.

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Tip: try to follow a good pattern of rest in which you set an hour to go to bed and one to get up .

Avoid extremely caloric accompaniments: make your own homemade sauces and use olive oil as dressing

Beware of sauces and dressings : although we choose low calorie foods and reduce the intake of fatty foods. If we then add extremely caloric sauces to our dish healthily cooked, we will throw everything out.

Tip: the best seasoning we can use is olive oil, a product with healthy fats. But always adjusting quantities since, despite all its benefits, oil is a highly caloric food.

Avoid distractions when eating: focus on savoring each dish and taste the food. Eating without distractions will help control what we eat and notice the feeling of fullness.

Advice: avoid distractions such as television or mobile phone to the table. Studies have shown that these devices are also associated with obesity rates.

Tip: do not reduce your food calorie calculator drastically to achieve weight loss. Adjust to your caloric needs and complement the plan with exercise. It will be the only way for you to really lose weight healthily. And in a prolonged way avoiding the fearsome rebound effect.

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