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The ever growing popularity of martial arts

Martial arts have become incredibly popular not only for the self defence aspect that are naturally included but for the displicine and fitness that they bring. There are many different styles of martial art and the one that fits for you will depend very much on what you are hoping to get out of it and the dedication that you are willing to give to learning and training.

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All martial arts, like any sports and fitness activities, carry the risk of injuries and these usually occur in the forms of sprains and muscle issues of the legs, ankles, wrists and shoulders. In some martial arts there is also the risk of head injuries and damage to your mouth and teeth that could lead to the need for a Dental Implants Cardiff company.

Here are some of the styles of martial arts that you may want to look into:

Karate – this may be one of the most well known martial arts ad combines the discipline of footwork as well as the precision of your aim with your arms and hands. The levels of karate work their way up to black and are highlighted by the colour of the belt that the individual wears over their white karate uniform. There are many karate classes across the country that cater for children as well as adults.

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Kung Fu – a pure martial art that has been depicted in many films over the years from the greats including Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Kung Fu is as much a spiritual way of thinking as well as a martial art. The body is used as a way to protect yourself as well as advance on an opponent. The moves and positions are based on protecting the centre line that runs down the body and the moves use the opponent’s body, weight and strength against them.

Wing Chun – this is a pure form of Kung Fu and was developed by a woman with women in mind. THe practice is very similar to Kung Fu and uses the natural energy that we all carry within ourselves. Wing Chun is taught in various areas of the country and is rapidly increasing in popularity as people become aware of the discipline. It combines incredibly well with spiritual practices.

Kickboxing – although perhaps not a traditional martial art this is a form of boxing that is undertaken with the legs and feet rather than the hands and arms. It is increasing in popularity with people of all ages and can be a great way to keep fit.

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