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3 Things You Need To Know About Your Body’s Energy Levels  

Energy Levels- Do you feel like there are times when you are incredibly energetic, but the next day you can’t get yourself up without a hefty caffeine boost? We assure you, there are perfectly good (although not healthy) reasons for such a roller coaster. It appears our energy depends not only on food and sleep but on a number of energy drainers as well (social media, anyone?). With just a few minor adjustments of diet and regime, it is possible to restore your mojo and start each day full of energy. Here we’ve gathered 3 important things you need to know about your body’s energy levels.

Exercise to get a lasting energy levelsenergy levels

Have you ever felt so tired you thought you’d fall asleep in a car or a bus, but then spent an hour at the gym or running with your dog and, surprisingly, felt much better after the workout? Well, that’s completely explainable because during the exercise our bodies produce adrenaline that is the ultimate energy booster. Its effect can last for hours and, if you do it regularly, your overall energy levels will also increase! Read more: How to equip a small bedroom: 6 tips and 30 best ideas

Make sure you get enough vitamin Denergy levels

Vitamin D is essential not only to our health but to our mood as well. It keeps our bodies charged up, boosts metabolism, and regulates insulin secretions – all of which, put together, just make us feel energized. We get most of our vitamin D from sunlight (hence the wave of melancholic mood in winter) and a variety of foods like eggs, tofu, trout, and almond milk. So if you’re feeling a lack of energy try incorporating more of these foods into your diet. Read more: Vegetarian Christmas: Recipes, Menus and Fanciful Ideas For The Holidays

Facebook sucks energyenergy levels

A fascinating research was made recently at the Centre for Research on Media, Technology, and Health in Pittsburgh. Scientists now have actual proof that reading too much Facebook leads to depression! Looking at other people’s ‘successful’ and ‘happy’ photos makes you more dissatisfied with your life, while negative things also get exaggerated on social media, making you engage emotionally and leading, again, to depression. We recommend you at least try reading less Facebook, especially people you don’t know personally.

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