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Driving rules


Driving rules- We explain the traffic rules and requirements for driving in the United States. Tips when renting a car and driving around the country.

Visit United States by car

Driving rules in the United States

The United States, especially the westernmost zone, is a very appropriate and comfortable country to discover by car . Large and convenient highways and also state roads link most of the country’s tourist attractions. In addition, the road and highway signs are usually very good, so it is easy to locate the places you want to visit.

On the highways of the United States there is usually quite a lot of traffic, especially in those that run through coastal areas but have so many wide lanes, that it is difficult to find traffic jams. Traffic jams will be inevitable in the vicinity of large cities and, above all, on holidays and peak times. In any case, you will find much more traffic on the east coast than on the west coast.

In addition, in proportion, gasoline in the United States is cheaper than in USA. Remember that in the United States gasoline is measured in gallons and not liters. Use these converter gallons to liters.

Requirements to drive in the United States

To drive in the United States, you will need International Driving Meat, in most states, if you travel as a tourist. Probably not asked when you rent a car, but it never hurts to take it and it is also very easy to get. By the way, remember that the minimum age to rent a car in the United States is usually 21 years, although in some states it may be 25 years.

Obtaining the international driver’s license is very simple. If you have a card, you should simply ask for a time and go to a provincial traffic office with your driving license, a passport photograph and 10 euros. They will give you the international driving license in just a few minutes. This document is only valid for one year. Of course, remember that you must carry permits, your country and international.

Driving rules in the United States

Driving in the United States does not differ much from driving in USA. They circulate on the right as well and have the same signage. Of course, Americans comply very strictly with the traffic rules and specifically those of speed, so you will not find it strange to find yourself on a 4-lane highway where all the vehicles circulate at the same speed and do not advance between them except to catch an exit.

Unlike Spain, on US highways you can overtake on the right. Another difference is that the traffic lights are on the other side of the street.

The maximum speed allowed is marked in miles and is usually slower than in Spain. Caution because there are many police officers spread across all tracks. This converter of miles to kilometers can come to you very well.

Keep in mind that each state has its own traffic regulation and although they are all very similar in general, you can find restrictions or different regulations if you change your status.

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