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Don’t Dread Your Wedding Photos

For many couples, the wedding photos are the least looked-forward part of their upcoming nuptials. For those who hate having their photo taken, the thought of having to pose for so many shots can leave you dreading it. They are so important, need to last a lifetime and will be costing a fair bit, so the pressure to make them perfect is major. However, don’t panic as here are some tips to help you deal with your shots like a pro, look your best and get wonderful wedding photos:

Shots in Natural Light

Photographs taken in natural light just look well, more natural! You don’t necessarily have to have an outdoor wedding to benefit from this. Most venues are set in attractive grounds and you should consider making the most of any natural areas regardless of the weather. Even posing together outside in the rain under an umbrella will create a timeless and romantic image.

Avoid looking directly at the camera

If you’re worried about looking stiff or having an etched-on smile that feels unnatural, try a handy modelling tip and avoid looking at the camera. When everyone looks at the camera, it can come across as unnatural looking and too posed. For a relaxed and comfortable look, with less posed expressions, have your photographer capture moments where people aren’t looking at the camera. If you absolutely don’t want formal, stilted and ‘camera expressions’ on your guest’s faces, then spread this advice to your guests.

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Motion Shots

It can be difficult getting adults to stand still, let alone young children. A good photographer will use this as an opportunity to capture moments in time that are fluid, spontaneous and romantic. If the photo is taken at exactly the right time, motion shots can make for some of the best photo memories of the big day. For a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, contact Nick Rutter Bournemouths Number 1 Wedding Photographer

Shots from different angles

Don’t let your photos become monotonous and flat. For more spontaneous and natural-looking photos, people should be captured from a variety of different angles and not always front on. A bride also has the added incentive of shots that pick out the intricate details of her dress from different angles.

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Natural Smiles

Often when people pose for photographs, their smiles can seem a little forced and unnatural. It is quite obvious that the smile is not reaching their eyes. Speak to your photographer about taking shots that capture real smiles when people aren’t necessarily looking at or posing for the camera. For example, guests being greeted and hugged by the bride and groom, the couple tasting the cake for the first time, having fun at the disco or any other spontaneous moments that occur during the day. These kinds of photos will liven up photographs a wedding album and provide much to look back on and laugh about.

Different Lighting

Bright, natural light and well-lit artificial conditions can both produce stunning images. That doesn’t mean you should overlook muted or mood lighting though. A talented photographer should be able to capture precious moments in a range of lighting moods. Getting images in a variety of different lighting settings can make an album look more natural. It also provides everyone to have shots in a light that is most flattering for them. Using different lighting and different angles should give you the very best photos to look back on.

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