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disable extra data

How to disable extra data with any operator

If you do not want to pay more when you run out of megabytes, we’ll explain how to deactivate the extra data when they run out at any telephone operator.

Currently there are two types of telephone operators in the market: those that charge the extra data once those that are included in the rate are exhausted on the one hand, while on the other there are those that simply reduce the speed.

If you are from the second group, you should not worry. When you run out of gigas, you will not have to pay more.

Of course, you may be interested in hiring an extra bonus or change your plan for next month, since the remaining speed gives to send and receive WhatsApp and little else.

disable extra data
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1. How to find out if they charge you extra data

To know if you will have extra cost on your next bill, you must know two facts …

  • Your company name
  • The rate you have currently contracted

The first details is quite obvious, the second not so much. If you do not know what rate you have , get in touch with your operator to find out.

When you know it, immediately go to their official website. There, all the  available rates are compulsorily listed, with general conditions and small details that may go unnoticed, such as the cost of the extra data MB.

If you discover that they are charging you for them, then we explain in what ways you can deactivate them.

2. From your application or web page

Today,  virtually all operators have applications for mobile devices quite competent.  The best allow you to do all kinds of management directly from them, without the need for those tedious calls that we all hate.

One of the options that usually appears in them is to deactivate the cost of additional data to your rate. It is not always within reach, although in a short time you should locate it, if your company has deigned to include this option in your app.

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If you do not find it on your mobile, there is always the option to visit your profile in the customer area of your website. The normal thing is that you have to enter your phone number and a password that will be sent to you by email or SMS.

3. The penultimate resource, the wild card of the call

As we have said before,  it is not a tasteful dish to have to spend a lot of minutes hanging from the phone for an operator to assist you.

We already know that the lines are always busy and that sometimes it is practically impossible to be understood by telephone, but it is what is there if all the other options have been exhausted.

The operator – when you get to talk to him – you just have to say one thing:  “I want to  deactivate the extra data of my mobile phone rate”. Nothing else, the statement is quite simple and there should be no problem on your part, although you never know.

4. Data control in Android

If as a last or first option you prefer to ignore your telephone operator and  limit the use of mobile data  directly, you can do it from Android.

If you go to Settings and Mobile Data, you have an option that allows you to deactivate the data consumption when a certain point arrives. Depending on the manufacturer of your mobile it will be accessed in one way or another, but it is always present in the wireless connectivity section, next to WiFi or Bluetooth.

You only need to tell Android when you want it to close the data tap every time. If you have for example a 5 GB fee, you can do it at 4.5 GB and save the remaining 500 MB for an emergency.

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