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How digital signage is empowering retailers

With the e-commerce world gaining increased traction and a large number of retailers going online, there is still a demand for marketing tactics that relate to the real world. Despite a decline in brick-and-mortar stores, there are still quite a few establishments that cater to walk-in customers and need tools that will attract and engage people and encourage them to step inside.

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Many retailers are looking for ways to keep up with the trends and drive in-store purchases, and many are turning to technology to improve customer engagement and convert feet to sales.

Taking the Digital Step

Digital signage has become one of the hot new marketing trends that land-based retailers are using to drive sales these days. By using experimental technology and interactive or electronic signs that advertise wares or tell customers more about a product, retailers can attract the attention of a whole new kind of shopper.

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Digital storytelling and touch points are two ways that retailers can improve customer engagement. By adding value this way, they can bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds.

Creating a New Experience

By using signage such as that available at, retailers can add to their “wow” factor. From simple LCD price displays to rolling banners and interactive displays, the possibilities for engagement and interaction are enormous.

Shareable moments have become a major marketing tool, and customers who can share their experiences on social media, post photos or simply like a brand or product are far more likely to repeatedly buy the same item or remain loyal to the brand.

The Perks of Technology

Running competitions while using this type of technology is also a popular option for many retailers, and the more a store is able to interact with its customer base, the better its bottom line. There’s a definite link between customer engagement and sales, and if a retailer can connect with a customer and build a relationship, this will work to their benefit.

Digital displays can also be used for practical applications, like directing customers around a store, and this makes the shopping experience even more enjoyable.

The online arena may attract vast numbers of shoppers, but there’s still plenty of space for brick-and-mortar establishments to grow and engage using the technology available to them.

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