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decorate ceilings

Ideas to decorate ceilings: The forgotten ones!

Decorate ceilings-Although most of the time we do not give importance, the roof is one of the surfaces of a house that is most seen. Therefore, if you want your home to have a special and personal touch, you may want to find out some ideas for decorating ceilings.

Top ideas to decorate ceilings

best decorate ceilings

We are all concerned with the aesthetics of our home, as it speaks of ourselves. If we really want to make a difference, we must take into account all the details, including the roof.

Keep reading if you want to know some trends in the decoration of ceilings.

Bet on the moldings

top best decorate ceilings

The decorative moldings are the most common element in the decoration of ceilings. Currently there is a wide variety of models that can make a room unique.

One of the advantages of the moldings is that they are a very versatile option and can fit in any type of aesthetic. For this reason they can fit in a more classic environment and also in any more minimalist room.

They can be placed emulating beams, along the perimeter of the room, with LED lighting, etc. It is even possible to play with the dimensions of the roof, since they allow us to create ceilings at two heights or more.

A classic solution: Painting or wallpaper

Ideas to decorate ceilings

Of course, another option is to paint the ceiling with a different shade than the walls. But keep in mind that if you choose very intense colors you will make the room look smaller.

In reality, painting offers multiple possibilities . You can decide to paint the striped ceiling, launch it and use metallic tones … In addition, you can use the plaster as a separation element between the ceiling and the walls.

On the other hand, wallpaper or vinyls are increasingly used on ceilings. This solution is popular especially in bedrooms, in order to recreate a certain image or landscape before sleeping and waking up.

Rediscover the warmth of wood

the discover decorate ceilings)

If you want to bring warmth to your home, you should bet on wood. For example, if you already have a parquet floor, you can cover the ceiling with the same or similar material. Another option is to add wooden beams .

In any case, if you decide to decorate ceilings with wood, you have to keep in mind that you can raise the budget of the reform. In addition, this material is normally associated with a rustic style .

One last tip: if you have a terrace that you want to cover, you can use a wooden pergola . This system will allow you to take advantage of the light during the day and will create a cozy atmosphere when it gets dark.

Play with lighting

top decorate ceilings

The latest decorative trends lead us to use the lighting itself to decorate or give greater importance to the decorate ceilings. We not only refer to the installation of lamps or halogens, but also to the placement of indirect lights that, for example, can emanate from the periphery of the roof.

For example, LED lines are very fashionable. If this is combined with the option to paint the ceiling in a different color from the walls, we can achieve a brilliant result.

And if you like the industrial style, you’re in luck. The facilities seen are the order of the day and can help you create a unique space.

Finally, if your intention is to make the most of natural light , you can consider opening a window or a skylight in the ceiling. This can give an especially good result in the case of sloped roofs.

Let your imagination fly

the decorate ceilings

As far as decoration is concerned, you put the limit. Do not be afraid to exploit your creativity to get a unique home. For example, you can hang plants or other decorative elements to give more vitality to the room.

Another idea that may be interesting is to place mirrors on top of the lamps. In this way you will get a very striking lighting.

As we have already said, you mark the limits. Of course, whatever your idea decorate ceilings, in Sharecrop we can help you to make it a reality. We have all kinds of professional collaborators to meet the demand of any service you need. You just have to ask for a budget.

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