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dark bruises

How to quickly and effectively dark bruises under the eyes at home

Who of us girls do not dream about a healthy skin tone and even complexion? However, not infrequently each of us, looking in the mirror, contemplates dark bruises under the eyes, which spoil the overall picture of the pretty face. And, if you do not paint them with foundation cream, how much powder you do not apply, they do not disappear. Here, radical measures are needed, namely calmness, patience and several universal councils, which will be discussed later.

Where do the dark bruises under the eyesdark bruises

Before you figure out how to clean the bruises under your eyes at home, you need to understand the cause of their appearance. Of course, many blame poor ecology and too fast a way of life, but the problem lies deeper and needs to be identified. Let’s consider the main reasons:

  • violation of the regime of the day (bad sleep, active day, a lot of troubles and worries);
  • unbalanced food (fast food, plenty of salt and spices);
  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol);
  • chronic diseases (pyelonephritis, kidney, heart);
  • a cold (SARS or ARI);
  • heredity (thin and “transparent” pale skin).

Thus, there can be many reasons. But not one of them does not say that bruises and puffiness will pass by themselves, without your intervention. It is necessary to interfere and it can be done at home (if it’s not about chronic diseases). Read more: 7 incredibly strange diseases that the best scientists in the world still can not explain …

How to deal with the problem of dark bruises under the eyesdark bruises

After having figured out the reason for the appearance of dark bruises, you can also answer the question of how to get rid of circles under the eyes at home. First of all, of course, it is necessary, if possible, to normalize the right dream, give up the “harmful” one, and revise one’s diet, preferring healthy food. In addition, it is recommended to use several proven means. Read more: Master’s Degrees and Graduate Degree Programs May Be Better Long-Term Careers

So, to eliminate bags and circles, you need to use a cream designed for the skin around the eyes. But, be sure to see that its composition included a large number of flavonoids and peptides. It is these substances that contribute to microcirculation and, removing excess liquid from the area to which they are applied.

Pay attention to the message around the eye area. Follow it after morning cleansing for three to five minutes. To do this, you need to do the tapping movements with your fingertips, thereby massaging the skin. After such procedures, a cream is applied to the problem area. This combination of procedures and care products gives the skin tone and helps eliminate fluid.

In addition, do not neglect the masks. Better for the skin of the eyes is a well-known remedy based on cucumber, sour cream and coriander with its useful properties. All ingredients should be ground, and taken in the proportions: a spoonful of sour cream, two spoons of cucumber and seasoned with a pinch of coriander. The mask is applied to the eyelids for 15 minutes, washed off with water, after which the problem area is spread with cream.

Before going to bed, it helps to cope with the scourge of a compress from the most useful sage, pre-brewed.

If for several weeks, none of the means listed above, has brought the desired effect, then you need to seek the advice of a specialist. Perhaps the problem is much more difficult than not sleeping and being too active.

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