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Current Trends in Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring remains the go-to alternative for wood flooring in the UK. Thanks to advances in technology, laminate floors now look more like solid hardwood flooring than ever before. It’s an economical option for many homes and estate agents even state that it increases a home’s resale value. It’s a cost-effective way to get the dream wood look for a fraction of the cost. Modern laminate can replicate reclaimed wood looks and is much easier to maintain. It’s not all just about looking good in wood though. Here are some of the current trends in laminate flooring:

Waterproof Laminate

Neither solid hardwood nor laminate flooring has ever been the best option for areas prone to moisture or water-use – until now that is! It’s still rare to find waterproof laminate but it is out there and set to become hugely popular. No longer will kitchens and bathrooms be excluded from such flooring for fear of bubbling and warping. This new type of laminate is 100% waterproof and looks just as good as the current options available in terms of aesthetics. The demand for such attractive and durable flooring will only increase.

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Reclaimed Wood Look

Gone are the days of putting up with shiny laminate, we can now have textured, rustic, reclaimed wood effect. The 2018 trends seem to be focussing on this rustic look, with flooring featuring knots, burns, scrapes and an unfinished style. This design looks unique, is highly durable. The reclaiming trend has really taken off in recent years and laminate manufacturers are replicating this look due to its popularity. It comes complete with the expected distressed look, such as knots and burns, for example.

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Distressed and Weathered

Similar to the reclaimed wood look, weathered and distressed laminate also features the knots and scrapes but with weathered having a subtler wirebrush appearance. These looks add a traditional, antique and rustic mood to your décor in a more affordable package as the distressing is done by a factory machine. For a stunning range of Laminate Flooring, visit


If you don’t fancy a wood look, then how about experimenting with the latest laminate trend and choosing a stone or tile-effect laminate floor instead? In the past, it was tile and vinyl manufacturers that had the monopoly on stone looks, but laminate has expanded to remain competitive. It’s a fairly new trend and whether you feel it looks realistic enough is a matter of personal taste. Unless the manufacturers do something to enhance the look of stone or tile effect laminate, there are other options available in this sector that currently do the job better.

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