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Difference between cover letter and self-candidacy

The cover letter is a document that serves as a means to present the aspects we want to highlight from our profile to a company. Within the letters of presentation there are several types of letter (letter of motivation, letter of self-candidacy , etc.). Whose use varies depending on the purpose of it. It is important to know the difference between cover letter and self-candidacy. Or  letter of introduction of self – candidacy – since the guidelines for writing one letter or another will not be the same.

How is the letter of self-candidacy different from the cover letter?

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The letter of self-candidacy belongs to a type of cover letter. If it is true that the title of cover letter is used for any letter that is written with a labor purpose. Within this field there are several types according to the context in which it is given. It can be a cover letter in response to an advertisement. Or job offer and / or a spontaneous letter of introduction , which would be self-addressed:

The letter in response to an announced or

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We use this type of letter to respond to a specific job offer. In it, we will have to direct our speech to highlight the aspects of our profile that match the minimum requirements that the company requests for the job. This is a point in our favor, because unlike the letter of self-candidacy.  We know some of the features that the company seeks. These will serve as a guide to make our cover letter and our curriculum  fully oriented to the position offered.

The structure is different from a letter of presentation of self-candidacy. In the cover letter in response to an announcement. In addition to presenting ourselves, we must make reference to the announcement. Indicate where and when we have seen it and the reason for the request. Which is none other than to apply for the position. There are different models of cover letter on which to base our writing.

The self-candidacy letter or spontaneous presentation letter

Difference between cover letter

To know well what a letter of self-candidacy is, we have to know the definition of a spontaneous presentation letter. It is a document that we send along with our curriculum to apply  directly to companies. Without it soliciting new employees. Therefore, the average response will depend a lot on what we call the attention of the person in charge of human resources.

There are a number of tips on how to write a self-candidacy letter. The  difference with the cover letter in response to an advertisement, is its spontaneity. This implies that the text changes, except in the part that we present. The difference between the letter of self-candidacy. And the letter of presentation is that we do not know if a selection process is open and we will describe our profile in a more generic way. Of course, always trying to adjust to everything we do know about the company.

This type of letter of introduction  requires the motivation to write our letter of self-candidacy as an added value. And unlike the cover letter, not specify any specific position to not label. And limit us in access to any offer of the company.

When should we include the cover letter?

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Generally in the labor calls these questions are specified; that is to say they clarify if it is required besides the curriculum (this one always has to go), the letter. And if the call does not mention that you should send a cover letter. The option to do so is in you. But you must know that it is never something that will subtract points, but instead adds and differentiates you from the rest.

In the event that you are going to send a letter, it should be attached to the curriculum and not as a document that you send separately . Use it to express in a few words your qualities and create interest in the recruiter to be able to be summoned to a personal interview.

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