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These are the countries you should visit if you are an animal lover

If you are not a friend of zoos and prefer to contemplate the animals in their natural state, then we will take a walk through the countries where you will find wild biodiversity, to limits that will remind you of a natural Noah’s ark.


Madagascar is a treasure trove of biodiversity (70% of the species living there are unique in the world) and there are more than half of the chameleons on the planet.

The reason for this is that Madagascar is an island (the fourth largest in the world), and the islands are suitable for proper animals unique in the world to be detached from the continents. And is that each island has a unique biological history, which provides important information to researchers on how the various ecological and evolutionary forces operate throughout the world. Some extinct species on continents, for example, still live in Madagascar, such as lemurs.

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The Galapagos Islands, like Madagascar, is an ideal place to contemplate unique species, some even extinct. This 13-island archipelago was declared a World Heritage Site in 1978 by UNESCO. In addition to birdwatching dolphins, sharks, whales, iguanas, lizards or lions, we will find the largest turtles and also the longest-lived animals of all vertebrates.


Tasmanian dingo, kangaroo, koala, platypus or wolf characterize Australia, but that is just the tip of the inceberg of some of the most biodiverse and strange places in the world. For example, 80% of Australian spider species are still unknown to science, as are a third of insects.

The rest of Australia is even more deadly. Fourteen species of Australian snake are deadly, including the Western brown snake, the desert death viper, the tiger snake, the taipan and the yellow-bellied sea snake.

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The Great Pantanal of Brazil represents the largest wetland in the world and probably the richest ecosystem in the world in flora and fauna biodiversity. It is precisely the best place on the planet to see the elusive jaguar.


If you like birds, this is your country: there are more than 1900 species of birds, more than in any other country, and many of them can be seen even in Bogota, its capital. It is also a highly recommended spot for spotting hummingbirds.


The largest lizards in the world are found in five islands of Indonesia: Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang and Padar.

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Papua New Guinea

The birds of paradise (Paradisaeidae) are distributed by Oceania and are known for the extravagant plumage of the males, and are especially abundant here. Two-thirds of the species of fauna and flora in this corner of the world are endemic.

In addition, here you will find one of those few places of the world that the human being has not yet trodden: Foja mountains, which are more than 810.000 hectares of primary tropical forest covering everything. The heart of the jungle has never been mapped.

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