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compulsive buying

Addiction to compulsive buying

Compulsive buying– The central characteristic of Compulsive Purchase refers to the appearance of intense desires to buy objects that the person does not need and the inability to control these desires. The action of buying relieves the tension of the person and generates pleasure. Later, on numerous occasions, feelings of guilt , regret. And self-reproach arise due to the inability to deal effectively with this impulsive.

What characteristics does the person with compulsive buying present?

the compulsive buying

People who present Compulsive Purchase usually initiate compulsive buying behavior at the beginning of adulthood. That is between 18 and 30 years old, approximately.

Usually these people choose to buy alone and the objects that usually buy in most cases are for themselves. In the case of women, the main items purchased are jewelry, clothing. And perfumery products, while in the case of men. They are usually electronics and accessories for the car, among others.

What is your treatment?

Addiction to compulsive buying

The presence of this disorder implies the appearance of academic, labor, personal, social and legal problems. And carries the risk of damaging oneself or others. Therefore, it requires a treatment based on strategies at the behavioral level that allow the person to increase their self-control. And decrease their manipulative behaviors, favoring an improvement in their level of functioning. And a reduction in anxiety. In addition, in some cases psychological therapy is combined with pharmacological therapy in order to enhance each other.

The Compulsive Purchase Treatment Unit (UCC) responds to a growing demand on this problem, aggravated lately. By the facilities derived from purchases over the Internet.

Shopping addiction

the compulsive buying

The current society is characterized by consumerism, look fashionable or acquire some accessory. Keep the vanguard in society, has generated the emergence of various disorders and syndromes among which is the addiction to shopping. Many people enjoy shopping, but when the pleasure of compulsive buying becomes an obsession that affects the day to day or even affects our balance of bank accounts. And it is difficult to control, then we can talk about a shopping addiction.

Compulsive shopping syndrome underestimated by some and very harmful to others, acts just like another type of addiction such as: drugs, alcohol or sex. Where one of the main characteristics of the addict is to believe that he has control of the situation and resort to a phrase heard by many:  I can leave when I want. Shopping addiction can generate dependence, high levels of anxiety. Feelings of guilt and depression and may even require professional treatment. This type of addiction or also known as  monomania. Or shopping mania is a specific type of behavior alteration, similar to the addition. By which a person is unable to control his tendencies and impulses that lead him to buy.

Here are some guidelines to avoid addiction to purchases before it is too late:

compulsive buying 2019

  • Recognize addiction. The first step is the most difficult, but for addiction it must be recognized that something is wrong and must be changed. Given the difficulty of this stage. It can be recommended to attend a psychologist, to facilitate the process and avoid major depressive disorders.
  • Keep track of purchased items to be aware of the amount of unnecessary items that you accessed and avoid them
  • Select the days that you will go out of purchase and set a limit amount to spend. Try to go at most two or three times a week
  • Perform recreational activities. Replace the visit to a shopping center for sports activities or friends meeting
  • Try to recognize your moments of weakness. Learn to distinguish those moments. Where you feel an irresistible need to buy of the moments that you only do because of inertia.
  • Move away from places that increase the desire to buy as shopping centers or place many stores.
  • Do not be fooled by advertising.

Finally compulsive buying is worth remembering that the desire to buy can play tricks. What begins as a pleasure becomes an authentic nightmare for the person when it becomes an addiction and leads to debt. Therefore, it is interesting to think about the long term and if we can save money for an uncertain future. What is the need to spend money on something that we do not need just to comply with fashion?

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