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Colin McRae. Scottish Rally Driving legend

Without doubt one of the greatest Rally Drivers to ever grace the World Rally Tour was Colin McRae. Then again, he’d come from good stock his Father, Jimmy was a five-time British Rally Champion and his brother Alister was a rally driver too. Colin was to outdo them all though as he not only won the British Rally in 1991 and 1992 but he was to go on to be the youngest World Rally Champion in 1995. He drove 3 iconic rally Cars the first being the Subaru Impreza 555, the Ford Focus and the Citroen Xsara.  All of these are available if you choose them for your own Sportscar Lap tray, perfect for getting the snacks on when you’re watching the WRC. Give them a visit at with your choices then let’s learn more about Colin and his achievements.

Colin McRae was born into a racing family. His Father’s success meant that from an early age he was aware of the world of rallying and all that it can bring. He was obviously impressed and enthralled by his Dads victory’s, as was his brother Alister. It was not four wheels that he started out on. He was first into the world of trial bikes, this probably gave him more of taste for the off-road world rather than that of the track. However, it didn’t stop him from then moving on to want he really wanted to do, race cars. His first was a Mini Cooper, where many first-time racers begin.

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After cutting his teeth in this discipline he decided that the time was right to have a go and follow Dad into the world of rallying in 1986. He did this first in a Talbot Sunbeam where he enjoyed some success. Although he did not win it soon became clear to competitors and spectators that they were witnesses something special about to enter the world of the WRC. He was snapped up by Subaru when he became available turning professional in 1991. It only took him 4 years to win his one and only World championship. He was to help Subaru win several titles throughout the 1990’s missing out another world championship on several occasions.

He then moved to Ford after they offered him the chance to help them to develop there Focus rally car. Colin toiled away for 4 years with the team having some success but not reaching he heights of the Subaru. He then moved to the Citroen team who were hoping to make big waves with the Xsara car. This lasted until 2004 when Colin decided to move on to the endurance of the Paris Dakar rally and the Le Mans twenty-four hour.

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His passing, due to an accidental helicopter crash, was a tragedy and was widely mourned by fans, teammates and rivals. He is sorely missed and died at just 39.

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